First April Fool's Event was taking place in 2011. Users were pranked by Magistream with the most amazing egg that has ever existed and ever will exist. Creatures released during this event are usually a joke, like non hatching egg or a piece of rock. During April Fool's 2012 there was a big snowball fight between users.


The most amazing egg appeared in a Stream


One new creature and a snowball fight


Snowball Fight
Each user received 10 snowballs. They were also available for Gold100 at Remy's Inn. When a user threw a snowball at another user, the other user could keep it. The maximum amount of snowballs one user could gather was 30. On April 2, all snowballs in circulation were changed to snow dragon eggs and unfrozen. Remy's Inn also stopped selling snowballs.


Notorious Ivan  took control over the Magistream. Also Oblivion Pillagebeasts came back to the Stream.



Tristan announced that Magistream will change into a trading card game - MagiStream The Gathering and all of the eggs will be sold as trading cards only. What's more, the cards will be obtainable with crystal shards, not "annoying, hard-to-get gold". The original announcement can be seen here.

During the 2014 April Fool's event there were no new creatures released nor any re-release of Oblivion Pillagebeasts.


Normally unsuccessful breeding resulted in obtaining a Bread Creature.

Even if those creatures seem uninterested in each other, breading them was successful! Whoopie doo! Eagerly you dash to see the results.

Bread Creature


Easter eggs (Painted and Flecked Sceaps), that were still available in the Stream, still looked the same, but on April 1st they turned into a new creature. The creature counter didn't went up at first, to confuse Magistream users. Later it went up and the creature's name was changed (to Lunaries).

Meek Sceap
Painted Sceap egg Meek Sceap hatch mMeek Sceap hatch f Meek Sceap mMeek Sceap f


One new creature appeared in the Stream. New quest was available in the Keep and completing it gave player the access to the new shop - Black Market, selling another new creature.

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