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Black Pearl Wyrm

Smaller than their dragon cousins, wyrms share many characteristics of the larger draconians, such as rock-hard scales and deadly horns. Pearl wyrms live in caves, where the bright jewels and rocks make it easy for them to blend in. These wyrms are most at home along the shores of oceans and seas, where there are plenty of fish to hunt and caves to nest in. These caves are well known, literally shining with beautiful shells and pearls. Though these treasures are enough to tempt many travelers, they are fiercely guarded by the wyrms. Not only can the adults easily be camouflaged, but it is the perfect place to hide their vulnerable young and eggs. While pearl wyrms can live on land, they prefer to keep to the water. They compete with leviathans for food and space, and neither species likes the other very much.



This perfectly round egg shines gently, resembling nothing more than an incandescent pearl.



Hatchlings are generally playful creatures, and wyrm hatchlings are no different. They love to romp about, annoying any adults they find. Wyrms are powerful for being so small, and it is often that you have to reprimand this little one for being too rough. Its favorite trick to play is to wait for you to enter a room, then attack the edge of your cloak and pull you over. After a few shocks, this game loses its fun. Like most magical younglings, it is easier to entrust its care to the older wyrms, who can raise this energetic hatchling well.



A wyrm grows more slowly than other creatures, but once it has reached adulthood it makes a magnificent sight. Pearl wyrms come in several colors – copper, gray, black, and gold. All of these variations are gorgeous, with gold being the most sought after. As hatchlings and adults, pearl wyrms molt every few years, and their scales are carefully collected. The high ladies of Synara pay well for these scales to be made into baubles, but if a magi can collect enough, armor can be created. As their scales are extremely durable, this is far superior armor to any made from metals of the earth.

Additional Information

  • No. 134
  • Obtained from the Stream
  • Released: July 8, 2010
  • Artist: Glasswalker
  • Dimorphism: Male hatchlings have whiskers, while female hatchlings do not. Male adults have whiskers and a larger tail fan, while females have no whiskers and a smaller tail fan.
  • Breeding:
    • Black Pearl Wyrm Black Pearl Wyrm Black Pearl Wyrm
    • Black Pearl Wyrm x any other Pearl Wyrm = either parent species
    • Black Pearl Wyrm Forest Leviathan Silt Leviathan

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