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This is a master list of all creatures on Magistream. New creatures are always being released, so if you find one missing, or some information is missing, feel free to add it. You can also look at a Quicklist which is updated faster and where creatures are listed by their number. 

Bred Creatures

Each of the following creatures can only be obtained by breeding other creatures. Some creatures are more willing to make babies than others, so be patient and keep trying.

You can also look for bred creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult
Fire Gryphon


Firegryphhatchling Firegryphadult
Ice Gryphon Icegryphegg Icegryphonhatchling Icegryphonadult
Ocean Leviathan Oceanleviegg Oceanlevihatchling Oceanlevi
Albino Dire Wolf


Albinopup Albinoadult




Hippogryph Hippogryphegg Hippogryphhatchling Hippogryphadult
Solar Hippogryph Solaregg Solarhatchling Solaradult
Lunar Hippogryph Lunaregg Lunarhatchling Lunaradult
Tidal Capricorn Tidalegg Tidalhatchling Tidaladult
Amethyst Capricorn Amethystegg Amethysthatxhling Amethystadult
Meridian Capricorn Meridianegg Meridianhatchling Meridianadult
Hallow Capricorn Hallowegg Hallowhatchling Hallowadult
Ruby Capricorn Rubycapriegg Rubycaprihatchy Rubicapriadult
Green Crystalwing Green Crystalwing Egg Green Crystalwing Hatch Green Cristalwing
Bronze Crystalwing Bronze Crystalwing Egg Bronze Crystalwing Hatch Bronze Crystalwing
Pinto Pegasus Pinto egg Pinto hatch Pinto adult
Golden Pearl Wyrm


GoldF-HGoldM-H GoldF-AGoldM-A
Tevera Enox TEE TEH TEA
Albino Nandi Bear ANBE ANBH ANBA
Ice Kraken Ice Kraken Egg Ice Kraken Hatchling Ice Kraken Adult
Yellow Farir Fariregg Yellow Farir Hatchling Yellow Farir Adult
Golden Farir Fariregg Gold Farir Hatchling Gold Farir Adult
Orange Farir Fariregg Orange Farir Hatchling Orange Farir Adult
Spotted Holly Jackalope Spotted Holly Jackalope Egg Spotted Holly Jackalope Hatchling Spotted Holly Jackalope Adult
White Cervinus Deer WhiteDeerEgg WhiteDeerHatchling WhiteDeerMWhiteDeerF
Piebald Cervinus Deer Aad859da53025a453043ba07e40e68dc0cc17bb4 Dc387c1a57f74c79410b1d5996cf5b51c4bd46d6 D3dbb7a454558e9709462afc77e87b9d74a41ca6PiebaldDeerF
Black Cervinus Deer BlackDeerEgg BlackDeerHatchling BlackDeerMBlackDeerF
Fog Vevex Ray FVR FogRayHatch FogRayAdult
Direcore DirecoreEgg DirecoreMaleHatchlingDirecoreFemaleHatchling DirecoreMaleAdultDirecoreFemaleAdult
Pygmy Gemdragon Pygmy crystalwing egg 1Pygmy crystalwing egg 2Pygmy crystalwing egg 3Pygmy crystalwing egg 4Pygmy crystalwing egg 5Pygmy crystalwing egg 6 Pygmy crystalwing hatchf 1Pygmy crystalwing hatchf 1Pygmy crystalwing hatchf 2Pygmy crystalwing hatchm 2Pygmy crystalwing hatch 3Pygmy crystalwing hatch 4Pygmy crystalwing hatch 5Pygmy crystalwing hatch 6 Pygmy crystalwing adultf 1Pygmy crystalwing adultm 1Pygmy crystalwing adultf 2Pygmy crystalwing adultm 2Pygmy crystalwing adult 3Pygmy crystalwing adult 4Pygmy crystalwing adult 5Pygmy crystalwing adult 6
Pygmy Crystalwing Pygmy crystalwing egg 7Pygmy crystalwing egg 8Pygmy crystalwing egg 9Pygmy crystalwing egg 10Pygmy crystalwing egg 11Pygmy crystalwing egg 12 Pygmy crystalwing hatchf 7Pygmy crystalwing hatchm 7Pygmy crystalwing hatchf 8Pygmy crystalwing hatchm 8Pygmy crystalwing hatch 9Pygmy crystalwing hatch 10Pygmy crystalwing hatch 11Pygmy crystalwing hatch 12 Pygmy crystalwing adultf 7Pygmy crystalwing adultm 7Pygmy crystalwing adultf 8Pygmy crystalwing adultm 8Pygmy crystalwing adult 9Pygmy crystalwing adult 10Pygmy crystalwing adult 11Pygmy crystalwing adult 12
Desert Rekantum Desert recantum egg Desert recantum hatch fDesert recantum hatch m Desert recantum adult fDesert recantum adult m
Silt Leviathan Silt Leviathan Egg Silt Leviathan Hatchling Silt Leviathan Adult
Reef Leviathan Reef Leviathan Egg

Reef Leviathan Hatchling

Reef Leviathan Adult
Atoll Leviathan

Atoll Leviathan Egg

Atoll Leviathan Hatchling Atoll Leviathan Adult

Shop Born Creatures

Each of the following creatures can be found in either Remy's Inn, Trading Post, Dark Shop, Water shop or Herbalist Shop. The Trading Post specifically has eggs from the northern areas such as Arkene. Creatures in the Dark Shop are only available to those who are part of the Dark Brotherhood, those in the Water Shop are only for those who are part of the Society of the Trident and creatures in the Herbalist Shop are only available for those in the Herbalist Guild.

You can also look for shop-born creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult Shop
Ice Phoenix


Icephoenixhatchling Icephoenixadult Trading Post
Dire Wolf Direwolfegg Direwolfpup Direwolfadult Remy's Inn
Storm Leviathan


Stormlevihatchling Stormleviadult Remy's Inn
Light Narwhal Shopnarwhalegg ShopnarwhalmalehatchlingShopnarwhalfemalehatchling ShopnarwhalmaleadultShopnarwhalfemaleadult Trading Post



Chupaadult Remy's Inn
Arkenian Kitsune Arkkitsuneegg Arkkitsunehatchling Arkkitsuneadult Trading Post


Rochatchie Rocadult Remy's Inn
Silvian Alphyn Silvianalphynegg Silvianalphynhatchling Silvianalphynadult Remy's Inn
Niveus Enox


Niveusenoxhatchling Niveusenoxadult Remy's Inn
Noctis Enox Noctisenoxegg Noctisenoxhatchling Noctisenoxadult Remy's Inn
Tenera Dog


Teneradoghatchling Teneradogadult Remy's Inn
Ebbene Shark EbenneSharkEgg EbenneSharkHatchFemale Ebbene Shark Adult FemaleEbbene Shark Adult Male Dark Shop
Elephant Snail


ElephantSnailHatch ElephantSnailAdult Remy's Inn
Cehual Boar Cehual Boar Egg Cehual Boar Hatchie Cehual Boar Adult Dark Shop
Ice Octopus


Hatchlingasas Adultocto Trading Post
Southern Alasre Alpaca SAAE SAAH SAAA Remy's Inn
Western Alasre Alpaca


WAAH Westalpacamalehatch WestAlpacafemaleadultWAAA Remy's Inn
Delroch DE DH DA Dark Shop
Sunset Talvar T egg T hatchling 2

T adult 1T adult 2

Remy's Inn
Vosmari Vosmari Egg Vosmari Hatchling Vosmari Adult Remy's Inn
Donec Fish Donec Fish Egg Donec Fish Hatchling

Donec Fish Adult

Remy's Inn
Dugong DugongEgg DugongHatch DugongAdult Water Shop
Snow Vevex Ray FVR SnowRayhatch


Trading Post
White Tundra Tylluan WhiteTundraTylluanEgg WhiteTundraTylluanHatch


Trading Post
Black Tundra Tylluan BlackTundraTylluanEgg BlackTundraTylluanHatch


Dark Shop
Raiti Seal RaitiSealEgg RaitiSealHatch RaitiSealMRaitiSealF Water Shop
Praluven Seal PraluvenSealEgg PraluvenSealHatchling PraluvenSealAdult Water Shop
Birdwing Lunestre Dragon LunestreDragonEggGreen LunestreDragonHatchlingGreen LunestreDragonAdultGreen Remy's Inn
Jaktus Dragon Jaktus Dragon Egg Jaktus Dragon Hatchling Jaktus Dragon Adult Remy's Inn
Alpine Yale Black Yale Egg

Black Yale Hatchling

Black Yale Adult Remy's Inn
Saevym SaevymEgg SaevymHatch Saevym Herbalist Shop
Silvian Serpaen Alphyrm-silvan-egg Alphyrm-silvan-hatch Alphyrm-silvan Herbalist Shop
Etainian Serpaen Serpaen-etain-egg Serpaen-etain-hatch Serpaen-etain Remy's Inn
Arcanum Serpaen Arcanum-serpaen-egg Arcanum-serpaen-hatchling Arcanum-serpaen Dark Shop
Pine Nulorn Pineegg Pinehatchling PineMPineF Herbalist Shop
Calidim Calidimsegg Calidimshatch Calidims Herbalist Shop
Arkenian Sunbeast ArkenianSunbeastegg ArkenianSunbeasthatch ArkenianSunbeast Trading Post
Dark Serendin

Dark Serendin Egg

Dark Serendin Hatchling Male

Dark Serendin Hatchling Female

Dark Serendin Adult MaleDark Serendin Adult Female Dark Shop
Earth Serendin Earth Serendin Egg Earth Serendin Hatchling MaleEarth Serendin Hatchling Female Earth Serendin Adult MaleEarth Serendin Adult Female Herbalist Shop
Water Serendin Water Serendin Egg Water Serendin Hatchling MaleWater Serendin Hatchling Female Water Serendin Adult MaleWater Serendin Adult Female Water Shop
Ahuizotl Ahuizotlegg Ahuizotlhatch Ahuizotladult Water Shop
Volcanic Seahorse Volcanic Seahorse egg Volcanic Seahorse Hatchling F

Volcanic Seahorse Adult F

Dark Shop
Abyssal Seahorse Abyssal Seahorse Egg Abyssal Seahorse Hatchling Abyssal Seahorse Adult Water Shop
Tarax Tarax Egg Tarax Hatchling Tarax Adult Herbalist Shop
Vetus Vetus Vetus hatch mVetus hatch f Vetus mVetus f Trading Post
Cariad Agaori Cariad agaori egg Cariad Agaori Hatchling Cariad Agaori Adult Remy's Inn
Rakkaus Agaori Rakkaus agaori egg Rakkaus Agaori Hatchling Rakkaus Agaori Adult Trading Post
Numbul Numbul egg Numbul hatch Numbul mNumbul f Herbalist Shop

Stream Born Creatures

Each of the following creatures can be found in the Stream . They are the most common and easy to acquire creatures. 

You can also look for stream-born creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult
Koi 1561930 1550216 4a4c3b7045a6a26ac9904d10197015264c6bdf45
Phoenix Phoenix egg Phoenixhatchie Phoenixadult
Kraken Krakenegg Krakenhatchie Krakenadult
Sand Gryphon Gryphonegg Browngryphhatchie Browngryphon
Gold Gryphon Gryphonegg Browngryphhatchie Yellowgryphon
Ash Gryphon Gryphonegg Greygryphhatchie Greygryphon
Onyx Gryphon Gryphonegg Greygryphhatchie Blackgryphon
Pegasus Pegasusegg Pegasushatchie Pegasusadult
Dark Pegasus Darkpegasusegg Darkpegasushatchie Darkpegasusadult
Ibex 3982a9a0b5cd4412f1701bcc5f95299e2fce81e6 82fb72a7883851543d5c18be38dc5c819f6401ec 6f4833e1874245931752f25070f2947e1b7a28f4
Tropical Leviathan Oceanleviegg Tropicalhatchie Tropicaladult
Forest Leviathan Oceanleviegg Foresthatchie Forestadult
Trench Leviathan Oceanleviegg Trenchhatchie Trenchadult
Dark Narwhal Narwhalegg NarwhalmalehatchieNarwhalfemalehatchie NarhwalmaleNarwhalfemale
Manticore Manticoreegg Manticorehatchie Manticoreadult
White Winged Cat Whitecategg Whitecaghatchie Whitecatadult
Black Winged Cat Blackwingedcategg Blackcathatchie Blackcatadult
Puvia Puviaegg Puviahatchie Puviaadult
Kelp Hippocampus Greenhippoegg Greenhippohatchie Greenhippoadult
Coral Hippocampus Purplehippoegg Purplehippohatchie Purplehippoadult
Trench Hippocampus Bluehippoegg Bluehippohatchie Bluehippoadult
Kitsune Kitsuneegg Kitsunehatchie Kitsuneadult
Abeoth Frog Abeoth Frog Egg Abeoth Frog Hatchling Abeoth Frog
Telvian Panther Pantheregg Pantherhatchling Pantheradult
Etainian Alphyn Etainianalphynegg Etainianalphynhatchling Etainianalphynadult
Savannah Alphyn Savannahalphynegg Savannahalphynhatchling Savannahalphynadult
Xand Bear Xandbearegg Xandbearhatchling Xandbearadult
Baku Bakuegg Bakuhatchling Bakuadult
Anaugi Anaugiegg Anaugihatchling Anaugiadult
Farir Fariregg Farirhatchling Fariradult
Axolotl Axolotl egg Axolotl hatchling Axolotl
Lakiran Platypus Platypusegg PlatypushatchfemalePlatypushatchmale PlatypusadultfemalePlatypusadultmale
Brontotherium Brontotherium Egg Brontotherium Hatchling Brontotherium Adult
Mist Stalker MistStalkerEgg Mist Stalker Hatchling Mist Stalker Adult
Nandi Bear Nandibearegg NandiBearbaby Nandibearadult
Black Pearl Wyrm 85921206aff254d5223fef155a65e5dc9f49e0da BlackF-HBlackM-H BlackF-ABlackM-A
Copper Pearl Wyrm E5c013fb791aaca3bedaf5d919b10e0d93f3dc1f CopperF-HCopperM-H CopperF-ACopperM-A
Grey Pearl Wyrm Af204c32d18ca21144c5fa9b183155c66c3008ab F-HM-H F-AM-A
Dark Minicorn MiniDarkEgg MiniDarkHatchie MiniDarkAdult
Light Minicorn MiniLightEgg MiniLightHatchie MiniLightAdult
Tropical Tarsier TTE TTH TTAFTTA
Sacred Scarab SSE SSH SSA
Northern Raza Cobra



GRCA animation
Southern Raza Cobra



BRCA animation
Sarvain SE SH SA
Ashevor AE AH AA
Hummingbirds Fb9635849a4d83b2c8bdfab4dab49272dbe89f5c 55a0daed18711fbdae50f8734619d25a451086537f89a3fea89f338af078d0edf12023d7d8e2723c F64b838afa4365cbf758f61b9ba3483b07a7957e5fe051885dde99fc49eb2fd75198a5756f777cbd
Red Vasant Beetle VBE VBHR VBAR
Green Vasant Beetle VBE VBHG VBAG
Ariessa Ariessa Egg Female Ariessa HatchlingMale Ariessa Hatchling Female Ariessa AdultMale Ariessa Adult
Sunrise Talvar T egg T hatchling T adult 3T adult
Amphista Amphista egg Amphista hatch Amphista adult
Viridis Crab Viridis Crab Egg Viridis Crab Hatchling Viridis Crab Adult
Chlorophyte Dragon Turtle Dragon Turtle Egg Green Dragon Turtle Hatchling Green Dragon Turtle Adult
Phaeophyte Dragon Turtle Dragon Turtle Egg Light Brown Dragon Turtle Hatchling Light Brown Dragon Turtle Adult
Rhodophyte Dragon Turtle Dragon Turtle Egg Brown Dragon Turtle Hatchling Brown Dragon Turtle Adult
Ziraafa ZiraafaEgg ZiraffaHatchling ZiraffaAdult
Caeralis Caeralis Egg Caeralis Hatchling Caeralis Adult
Moss Snail Moss Snail Egg Moss Snail Hatchling Moss Snail Adult
Ankylocroc Ankylocroc Egg Ankylocroc Hatchling Ankylocroc Adult
Cervinus Deer Cervinus Deer Egg Cervinus Deer Hatchling Cervinus Deer Adult FemaleCervinus Deer Adult Male
Sun Vevex Ray StVR SunRayHatch SunRayAdult
Storm Vevex Ray StVR StormRayHatch StormRayAdult
Paervem SkunkEgg SkunkHatch SkunkMSkunkF
Taijitu Beetle TaijituBeetleEgg TaijituBeetleMHTaijituBeetleFH TaijituBeetleadult-maleTaijituBeetleadult-Female
Korez Seal KorezSealEgg KorezSealHatchling KorezSealMaleAdultKorezSealFemaleAdult
Monarch Lunestre Dragon LunestreDragonEggOrange LunestreDragonHatchlingOrange LunestreDragonAdultOrange
 Swallowtail Dragon LunestreDragonEggYellow LunestreDragonHatchlingYellow LunestreDragonAdultYellow
Green Torveus Dragon Green Torveus Dragon Egg Green Torveus Dragon Hatchling Green Torveus Dragon Adult
Gold Torveus Dragon Yellow Torveus Dragon Egg Yellow Torveus Dragon Hatchling Yellow Torveus Dragon Adult
Mountain Yale Silver Yale Egg Silver Yale Hatchling Silver Yale Adult
Hill Yale Gold Yale Egg Gold Yale Hatchling Gold Yale Adult
Jareen Vitriums JareenVitriumsEgg JareenVitriumsHatch JareenVitriums
Sayos Vitriums SayosVitriumsEgg SayosVitriums 9cae03cae77d9d9f12d501f1ed9704946f3e95fc
Brown Avrael AvraelEgg AvraelHatchBrown AvraelBrown
Red Avrael AvraelEgg AvraelHatchRed AvraelRed
Mohlaris Elephant MohlarisElephantegg MohlarisElephanthatchie MohlarisElephant
Sapphire Kordaetis Elephant KordaetisElephantEggblue KordaetisElephanthatchieblue KordaetisElephantblue
Ruby Kordaetis Elephant KordaetisElephanteggred KordaetisElephanthatchiered KordaetisElephantred
Savannah Serpaen Serpaen-savannah-egg Serpaen-savannah-hatch Serpaen-savannah
Kaetus Catfish egg Catfish hatch Catfish adult
Daycrawler Daycrawleregg DaycrawlerhatchlingmDaycrawlerhatchlingf DaycrawleradultmDaycrawleradultf
Nightcrawler Nightcrawleregg NightcrawlerhatchlingfemaleNightcrawlerhatchlingmale NightcrawleradultfemaleNightcrawleradultmale
Razan Orchid Plantegg Planthatchling Plantadult
Nulorn Nulornegg Nulornhatchie NulornMNulornF
Xisitak Xisitakegg XisitakhatchfXisitakhatchm XisitakfemaleXisitakmale
Tenabre Fox TenadreFoxegg TenadreFoxhatch TenabreFoxadult
Cestoda Cestodaegg Cestodahatch Cestoda
Osath Osathegg OsathhatchfOsathhatchm OsathfOsathm
Coati CoatiEgg CoatihatchfCoatihatchm CoatifCoatim
Purple Celestial Butterfly Purple celestial egg Purple celestial hatchling Purple celestial butterfly
Green Celestial Butterfly Green celestial egg Green celestial hatchling Green Celestial Butterfly Adult
Blue Celestial Butterfly

Blue celestial egg

Blue celestial hatchling

Blue Celestial Butterfly Adult
Carithas Fish Carithas Fish Egg Carithas Fish Hatchling MaleCarithas Fish Hatchling Female Carithas Fish Adult MaleCarithas Fish Adult Female
Lion, Leopard, White Lion and White Leopard Ammit

Ammit egg 1Ammit egg 2Ammit egg 3Ammit egg 4

Ammit hatchling 1 femaleAmmit hatchling 1 maleAmmit hatchling 2 femaleAmmit hatchling 2 male Ammit hatchling 3 femaleAmmit hatchling 3 maleAmmit hatchling 4 femaleAmmit hatchling 4 male

Ammit female 1Ammit male 1Ammit female 2Ammit male 2

Ammit female 3Ammit male 3Ammit female 4Ammit male 4

Ruby Somniant Ruby somniant egg Ruby somniant hatchling Ruby somniant maleRuby somniant fem
Sapphire Somniant

Sapphire somniant egg

Sapphire somniant hatchling

Sapphire somniantSapphire somniant female
Onrosus Onrosus Egg Onrosus Hatchling Onrosus Adult FemaleOnrosus Adult Male
Forest Rekantum

Forest Rekantum Egg

Forest Rekantum Hatchling Female

Forest Rekantum Hatchling Male

Forest Rekantum Adult FemaleForest Rekantum Adult Male
Mountain Rekantum Mountain Rekantum Egg Mountain Rekantum Hatchling FemaleMountain Rekantum Hatchling Male Mountain Rekantum Adult FemaleMountain Rekantum Adult Male
Reef Seahorse

Reef Seahorse Egg

Reef Seahorse Hatchling

Reef Seahorse Adult
Trench Seahorse Trench Seahorse Egg Trench Seahorse Hatchling Trench Seahorse Adult

Aselis Egg

Aselis Hatchling MaleAselis Hatchling Female

Aselis Adult MaleAselis Adult Female
Cukurba Cukurba egg Cukurba hatch Cukurba
Topo Wyrm Topo Wyrm Egg Topo Wyrm Hatchling Topo Wyrm Adult
Liefde Agaori Liefde agaori egg Liefde Agaori Hatchling Liefde Agaori Adult
Laska Agaori Laska agaori egg Laska Agaori Hatchling Laska Agaori Adult
Wind Hydra Wind Hydra egg Wind Hydra hatch mWind Hydra hatch f Wind Hydra mWind Hydra f
Storm Hydra Storm Hydra egg Storm Hydra hatch mStorm Hydra hatch f Storm Hydra mStorm Hydra f
Balance Hydra Balance Hydra egg Balance Hydra hatch mBalance Hydra hatch f Balance Hydra mBalance Hydra f
Fire Hydra Fire Hydra egg Fire Hydra hatch mFire Hydra hatch f Fire Hydra mFire Hydra f
Water Hydra Water Hydra egg Water Hydra hatch mWater Hydra hatch f Water Hydra mWater Hydra f

Quest Born Creatures

Each of the following creatures can be obtained through different quests. Some quest-born creatures are considered more as Allies than pets.

You can also look for quest-born creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult
Emerald Wyvern Emeraldwyvernegg Emeraldwyvernhacthie EmeraldwyvernAdult
Etainian Quetzalcoatl Etainianquetzalcoatlegg Etainianquetzalcoatlhatchling Etainianquetzalcoatladult
Nareaun Quetzalcoatl Nareaunegg Nareaunhatchling Nareaunquetzalcoatladult
Raza Quetzalcoatl Razaquetzalcoatlegg Razaquetzalcoatlhatchie Razaquetzalcoatladult
Rewin Dragon Rewinegg Rewinhatchie Rewinadult
Naga Ally None None Nagaally
Hellhound Hellhound egg Hellhound pup Hellhound

Rewin Ancient

Rewinegg Rewinhatchie New Rewin
Yellow Rose Imp YRIE YRIH YRIA
Mermaid None None MA
Centaur None None B8e33ef010dca1248822970e4a97d0de85b305a2949f72fbbc6438fc5c57b50cdbd65b256163d000
Icist D7321105a80290fc3f1adfcd9739c86a5071cf08 1eed9b50afb6b201a5b6b0b92a837b1c51720d69 73c2a0c4a6250ea21b6724d5aedb5698786c5e5c
Sunweaver Namista's Spider YNPE YNPH YNPA
Shadowspinner Namista's Spider BNSE BNSH BNSA
Black Lycanthrope none none Black lycanthrope
Brown Lycanthrope none none Brown lycanthrope
Aurora Whale Aurora Whale egg Aurora Whale hatch Aurora Whale

Donation Creatures

Each of the following creatures can be initially purchased in a Donation Shop. More information about these creatures, you can find on this page. You can also look for donation creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult
Golden Elder Crystalwing Crystalwinggoldegg Crystalwinggoldhatchie Crystalwinggoldadult
Purple Elder Crystalwing Crystalwingegg Crystalwinghatchie Crystalwingadult
Dark Unicorn Darkunicornegg Darkunicornhatchie Darkunicornadult
Light Unicorn Lightunicornegg Lightunicornhatchie Lightunicornadult
Void Dragon Voiddragonegg Voiddragonhatchie Voiddragonadult
Celestial Dragon Celestialdragonegg Celestialdragonhatchie Celestialdragonadult
Temple Cat Templecategg Templecathatchie Templecatadult
Dark Basilisk Darkbasiliskegg Darkbasiliskhatchie Darkbasiliskadult
Light Basilisk Lightbasiliskegg Lightbasiliskhatchie Lightbasiliskadult
Cobalt Wyvern Cobaltwyvernegg Cobaltwyvernhatchie Cobaltwyvernadult
Autumn Kirin Autumnkirinegg Autumnkirinhatchie Autumnkirinadult
Chestnut Kirin Chestnutkirinegg Chestnutkirinhatchie Chestnutkirinadult
Valcerian Dragon Valceriandragonegg ValceriandragonmalehatchieValceriandragonfemalehatchie ValceriandragonmaleadultValceriandragonfemaleadult
Golden Alicanto Goldenalicantoegg Goldenalicantohatchie Goldenalicantoadult
Silver Alicanto Silveralicantoegg Silveralicantohatchie Silveralicantoadult
Sanus Sanusegg Sanushatchie Sanusadult
Amarth Alagos Amarthalagosegg Amarthalagoshatchie Amarthalagosadult
Coria Alagos Coriaalagosegg Coriaalagoshatchie Coriaalagosadult
Frost Unicorn Frostunicornegg Frostunicornhatchie FrostunicornmaleadultFrostunicornfemaleadult
Earth Unicorn Earthunicornegg Earthunicornhatchie EarthunicornmaleadultEarthunicornfemaleadult
Cardinal Gryphon Cardinalgryphonegg CardinalgryphonmalehatchieCardinalgryphonfemalehatchie CardinalgryphonmaleadultCardinalgryphonfemaleadult
Dusk Cinersi Duskcinersiegg Duskcinersihatchie Duskcinersiadult
Dawn Cinersi Dawncinersiegg Dawncinersihatchling Dawncinersiadult
Adremeri Adremeriegg Adremerihatchie Adremeriadult
Dark Razan Lemur Darkrazanlemuregg Darkrazanlemurhatchling Darkrazanlemuradult
Light Razan Lemur Lightrazanlemuregg Lightrazanlemurhatchling Lightrazanlemuradult
Kuras Tiger Kuras tiger egg Kuras tiger cub maleKuras tiger cub female Kuras tiger maleKuras tiger female
Dark Raiju Darkraijuegg Darkraijupup Darkraijuadult
Light Raiju Lightraijuegg Lightraijupup Lightraijuadult
Cascara Butterfly CascaraEgg CascaraHatchie CascaraAdult
Dark Gemhog Darkgemhogegg DarkGemhogHatchie Darkgemhog
Light Gemhog LightGemhogegg LightGemhogHatchie Lightgemhog
Jerboa Rat JerboaRatEgg JerboaRatFemaleHatchJerboaRatMaleHatch JerboaRatFemaleJerboaRatMale
Golden Crystalwing Golden Crystalwing Egg Golden Crystalwing Male HatchlingGolden Crystalwing Female Hatchling Gold Crystalwing Male AdultGold Crystalwing Female Adult
Purple Crystalwing Purple Crystalwing Egg Purple Crystalwing HatchlingPurple Crystalwing Female Hatchling Purple CrystalwingPurple Crystalwing Female
Cadeceaus Chameleon Hkg Chameleon hatchie Chameleon adult
Vanil Shaa Vanil Egg Vanil Hatchling-1 Vanil Adult
Ashen Shaa Ashen Egg Ashen Hatchling-1 Ashen adult
Dodo Bird DodoEgg Dodohatchie Dodoadult
Emerald Mantis Emerald egg Emerald hatchling Emerald adult
Onyx Mantis Onyx egg Onyx hatchling Onyx adult
Peryton Peryegg Efdf6b35f2c774137a1b6be18e087a6c1739df52 PeryfemaleadultPeryMaleadult
Dark Bone Dragon DBD1 DBD2 DBD3
Molten Bone Dragon MBD1 MBD2 MBD3
Thylacine TE TH TA
Black Tienko BTE BTH BTA
Calico Tienko CTE CTH CTA
Savantis Bat Savantis bat egg Savantis bat hatch Savantis bat
Skioros SkiorosE SkiorosHFSkiorosHM SkiorosAFSkiorosAM
White Ice Dragon WIDE WIDH WIDA
Black Ice Dragon BIDE BIDH BIDA
Tasharn TasharnEgg TasharnHatch TasharnAdult
Sasrael Resurrection Horse SRHE SRHH SRHA
Valarn Resurrection Horse VRHE VRHH VRHA
Light Zalon LZE LZH LZA
Dark Zalon DZE DZH DZA
Bleeding Heart Gryphon BHGE BHGH BHGA
Amphiptere Amphiptere Egg Amphiptere Hatchling Amphiptere Adult
Kelp Araxie Kelp Araxie Egg Kelp Araxie Hatchling Kelp Araxie Adult
Coral Araxie Coral Araxie Egg Coral Araxie Hatchling Coral Araxie Adult
Kaeran Kaeran egg Karen hfKaeran hm Kaeran fKaeran m
Ember Drake Ember Drake Egg Ember Drake Hatchling Ember Drake Adult
Fire Drake Fire Drake Egg Fire Drake Hatchling Fire Drake Adult
Temple Dog 1e0c86e6ace6e19dc0e23f63ba62cfec6c1c1b6b E90ff54628039032de7ed7b4212275172542a572 A5bb1d96adaf9d83bac6e967c567df3c33a678da
Struana Kelpie Struana Kelpie Egg Struana Kelpie Hatch Struana Kelpie Adult
Lethe Kelpie Lethe Kelpie Egg Lethe Kelpie Hatch Lethe Kelpie Adult
Kamar Rabbit 2a95613c685949f94d49152ac48644255d904f81 86f24db6a8f715fba868bbba2156ac469776bf1bD90bd10413978bcb567018f48bae9147458d2503 8640af9ee38d680df4a34501f88cf1d92523236dEc4b4437c4affc264ea02d28b590ab3b456efee6
Light Pugeon Light Pungeon Egg Light Pungeon Hatch MaleLight Pungeon Hatch Female Light Pungeon Adult MaleLight Pungeon Adult Female
Dark Pugeon Dark Pungeon Egg Dark Pungeon Hatch MaleDark Pungeon Hatch Female Dark Pungeon Adult MaleDark Pungeon Adult Female
Abaia Abaia Egg Male Abaia HatchlingFemale Abaia Hatchling Male Abaia AdultFemale Abaia Adult
Light Saebra Unicorn Light Saebra Unicorn Egg Male Light Saebra Unicorn HatchlingFemale Light Saebra Unicorn Hatchling Male Light Saebra Unicorn AdultFemale Light Saebra Unicorn Adult
Dark Saebra Unicorn Dark Saebra Unicorn Egg Male Dark Saebra Unicorn HatchlingFemale Dark Saebra Unicorn Hatchling Male Dark Saebra Unicorn AdultFemale Dark Saebra Unicorn Adult
Khatash Khatash Egg Khatash Hatchling Khatash Adult
Royal Peacock Phoenix RoyalPeacockEgg RoyalPeacockMaleHatchRoyalPeacockFemaleHatch RoyalPeacockMaleAdultRoyalPeacockFemaleAdult
Dark Peacock Phoenix DarkPeacockEgg DarkPeacockMaleHatchDarkPeacockFemaleHatch DarkPeacockMaleAdultDarkPeacockFemaleAdult
Kiwi Bird KiwiEgg KiwiHatch KiwiAdult
Soulflame Cerberus SoulCerberusEgg SoulCerberusHatch SoulCerberusAdult
Hellflame Cerberus HellCerberusEgg HellCerberusHatch HellCerberusAdult
Pumpkin Wyrm PumpkinWyrmEgg PumpkinWyrmHatch PumpkinWyrmAdult
White Keep Rat White Keep Rat Egg White Keep Rat Hatchling White Keep Rat Adult
Black Keep Rat Black Keep Rat Egg Black Keep Rat Hatchling Black Keep Rat Adult
Piasa Bird Piasa Bird Egg Piasa Bird Hatchling MalePiasa Bird Hatchling Female Piasa Bird Adult MalePiasa Bird Adult Female
Argaent Kirin Argaent Kirin Egg Argaent Kirin Hatchling Argaent Kirin Adult
Aerum Kirin Aerum Kirin Egg Aerum Kirin Hatchling Aerum Kirin Adult
Akhlut Akhlut Egg Akhlut Hatchling Akhlut Adult
Red Sideraes Red Sideraes Egg Red Sideraes Hatchling Red Sideraes Adult
Blue Sideraes Blue Sideraes Egg Blue Sideraes Hatchling Blue Sideraes Adult
Karadis Dragon Karadis Dragon Egg Karadis Dragon Hatchling Karadis Dragon Adult
White Soladis Swan WhiteSwanEgg WhiteSwanMHWhiteSwanFM WhiteSwanMAWhiteSwanFA
Black Soladis Swan BlackSwanEgg BlackSwanMHBlackSwanFH BlackSwanMABlackSwanFA
Tzunun Mouse TzununMouseEgg TzununMouseHatch TzununMouseMTzununMouseF
Red Asaento Butterfly RedAsaentoButterflyEgg RedAsaentoButterflyHatch RedAsaentoButterfly
Blue Asaento Butterfly BlueAsaentoButterflyEgg BlueAsaentoButterflyHatch BlueAsaentoButterfly
Tenvaes Gryphon TenvaesGryphonEgg TenvaesGryphonHatch TenvaesGryphon
Navitaes Earth Ferret NavitaesFerretEgg NavitaesFerretHatch NavitaesFerretAdult
Prasine Earth Ferret PrasineFerretEgg PrasineFerretHatch PrasineFerretAdult
Spinetail SpinetailEgg SpinetailHatchling SpinetailAdult
Light Atramentum LightAtramentumEgg LightAtramentumMaleHatchlingLightAtramentumFemaleHatchling LightAtramentumMaleAdultLightAtramentumFemaleAdult
Dark Atramentum DarkAtramentumEgg DarkAtramentumMaleHatchlingDarkAtramentumFemaleHatchling DarkAtramentumMaleAdultDarkAtramentumFemaleAdult
Sohbek SohbekEgg SohbekHatchling SohbekAdult
Caul Vaether CaulVaetherEgg CaulVaetherHatchling CaulVaetherAdult
Ruan Vaether RuanVaetherEgg RuanVaetherHatchling RuanVaetherAdult
Forest Imp ForestImpEgg ForestImpFemaleHatchlingForestImpMaleHatchling ForestImpFemaleAdultForestImpMaleAdult
Cinder Storm Steed CinderEgg CinderHatch CinderStormSteed
Tempest Storm Steed TempestEgg TempestHatchMTempestHatchF TempestStormSteedMTempestStormSteedF
Verikan VerikanEgg VerikanFHVerikanMH VerikanFVerikanM
Cymatil Samean CymatilSameanEgg CymatilSameanFHCymatilSameanMH CymatilSameanFCymatilSameanM
Aecor Samean AecorSameanEgg AecorSameanFHAecorSameanMH AecorSameanFAecorSameanM
Kotez Kotez egg Kotez hatch Kotez maleKotez female
Veld Bongo Bongo-harvester-egg Bongo-harvester-hatch Bongo2
Fen Bongo Bongo-fen-egg Bongo-fen-hatch Bongofen
Berahn Berahn-egg Berahn-hatchling Berahn
Eclipse Spectral Wolf Eclipsewolfegg Eclipsewolfhatch EclipsewolfdayEclipsewolfmidnight
Moonlight Spectral Wolf Moonlightwolfegg MoonlightwolfhatchmMoonlightwolfhatchf MoonlightwolfmMoonlightwolffMoonlightwolfmnightMoonlightwolffnight
Arathkon ArathkoneggdayArathkoneggnight ArathkonhatchdayArathkonhatchnight ArathkondayArathkonnight
Grey Vasaeken Dragon GreyVasaekenDragonegg GreyVasaekenDragonhatch GreyVasaekenDragon
Red Vasaeken Dragon RedVasaekenDragonegg RedVasaekenDragonhatch RedVasaekenDragon
Naribus Naribusegg NaribushatchfNaribushatchm NaribusfNaribusm
Opulus Velox OpulusVeloxegg OpulusVeloxhatch OpulusVeloxFOpulusVeloxM
Auroras Velox AurorasVeloxegg AurorasVeloxhatchfAurorasVeloxhatchm AurorasVeloxFAurorasVeloxM
Northern Light Fox Northern light fox egg Northern light fox hatchling maleNorthern light fox hatchling female Northern light fox maleNorthern light fox
Extalis Kanthras Extalis Kanthras Egg Extalis Kanthras Hatchling Extalis Kanthras Adult
Incedius Kanthras Incedius Kanthras Egg Incedius Kanthras Hatchling Incedius Kanthras Adult
Viton Viton Egg Viton Hatchling Viton Adult
Solaerus Dovala Solaerus Dovala Egg Solaerus Dovala Hatchling Solaerusadultnew
Lonaris Dovala Lonaris Dovala Egg Lonaris Dovala Hatchling Lonarisadultnew
Veisera Veisera Egg Veisera Hatchling FemaleVeisera Hatchling Male Veisera Adult FemaleVeisera Adult Male
Green Mendota Green Mendota Egg Green Mendota Hatchling Green Mendota Adult
Blue Mendota Blue Mendota Egg Blue Mendota Hatchling Blue Mendota Adult
Ikantan Ikantan Egg Ikantan Hatchling FemaleIkantan Hatchling Male Ikantan Adult FemaleIkantan Adult Male
Brown Misoc (Brown) Misoc Egg (Brown) Misoc Hatchling Male(Brown) Misoc Hatchling Female (Brown) Misoc Adult Male(Brown) Misoc Adult Female
Painted Misoc (Blue Purple) Misoc Egg (Blue Purple) Misoc Hatchling Male(Blue Purple) Misoc Hatchling Female (Blue Purple) Misoc Adult Male(Blue Purple) Misoc Adult Female
Viyasant Viyasant Egg Viyasant Hatchling MaleViyasant Hatchling Female Viyasant Adult MaleViyasant Adult Female
Scys Pazuzu Scys Pazuzu Egg Scys Pazuzu Hatchling Scys Pazuzu Adult
Azure Pazuzu Azure Pazuzu Egg Azure Pazuzu Hatchling Azure Pazuzu Adult
Jerda's Creature Jerda egg Jerda hatch fJerda hatch m Jerda adult fJerda adult m
Viridian Krusos Viridian Krusos Egg Viridian Krusos Hatchling Viridian Krusos Adult
Umber Krusos Umber Krusos Egg Umber Krusos Hatchling Umber Krusos Adult
Timber Wolf Timber Wolf Egg Timber Wolf Hatchling Timber Wolf Adult
Light Silendarus Unicorn Light Silendarus Unicorn Egg Light Silendarus Unicorn Hatchling Light Silendarus Unicorn Adult FemaleLight Silendarus Unicorn Adult Male
Dark Silendarus Unicorn Dark Silendarus Unicorn Egg Dark Silendarus Unicorn Hatchling Dark Silendarus Unicorn Adult FemaleDark Silendarus Unicorn Adult Male
Atrox Dragon Atrox Dragon Egg Atrox Dragon Hatchling Atrox Dragon Adult
Crystal Rykeir Crystal Rykeir Egg Crystal Rykeir Hatchling Crystal Rykeir Adult
Obsidian Rykeir Obsidian Rykeir Egg Obsidian Rykeir Hatchling Obsidian Rykeir Adult
Synthetoceras Synthetoceras Egg Synthetoceras Hatchling FemaleSynthetoceras Hatchling Male Synthetoceras Adult FemaleSynthetoceras Adult Male
Red Kynrel Red Kynrel Egg Red Kynrel Hatchling FemaleRed Kynrel Hatchling Male Red Kynrel Adult FemaleRed Kynrel Adult Male
Blue Kynrel Blue Kynrel Egg Blue Kynrel Hatchling FemaleBlue Kynrel Hatchling Male Blue Kynrel Adult FemaleBlue Kynrel Adult Male
Torrek Torrek Egg Torrek Hatchling Torrek Adult
Falx Owl Falx Owl Egg Falx Owl Hatchling Falx owl adult
Nazar Owl Falx Owl Egg Nazar owl hatchling Nazar owl adult
Silex Basilisk Silex Basilisk egg Silex Basilisk F hatchSilex Basilisk M Hatch Silex Basilisk FSilex Basilisk M
Drift Wyrmwood Drift Wyrmwood Egg Drift Wyrmwood Hatchling Drift Wyrmwood Adult
Ash Wyrmwood Ash Wyrmwood Egg Ash Wyrmwood Hatchling Ash Wyrmwood Adult
Luteus Owl Luteus Owl Egg Luteus Owl Hatchling FemaleLuteus Owl Hatchling Male Luteus Owl Female AdultLuteus Owl Male Adult
White Nivalis Bear White nivalis bear egg White nivalis bear hatch White nivalis bear fWhite nivalis bear m
Black Nivalis Bear Black nivalis bear egg Black nivalis bear hatch Black nivalis bear fBlack nivalis bear m
Illabor Illabor egg Illabor hatch Illabor
Blue Emperor Phoenix Blue emperor phoenix egg Blue emperor phoenix hatch Blue emperor phoenix
Golden Emperor Phoenix Golden emperor phoenix egg Golden emperor phoenix hatch Golden emperor phoenix
Wuxing Cabal Wuxing Cabal egg Wuxing Cabal hatch Wuxing Cabal fWuxing Cabal m
Stiria Hystrix Stiria Hystrix Egg Stiria Hystrix Hatchling FemaleStiria Hystrix Hatchling Male Stiria Hystrix Adult FemaleStiria Hystrix Adult Male
Silex Hystrix Silex Hystrix Egg Silex Hystrix Hatchling FemaleSilex Hystrix Hatchling Male Silex Hystrix Adult FemaleSilex Hystrix Adult Male
Rekel Rekel Egg Rekel Hatchling FemaleRekel Hatchling Male Rekel Adult FemaleRekel Adult Male
Etainian Tantivus Etainian Tantivus Egg Etainian Tantivus HatchlingEtainian Tantivus Hatchling Male Etainian Tantivus AdultEtainian Tantivus Adult Male
Arkenian Tantivus Arkenian Tantivus Egg Arkenian Tantivus HatchlingArkenian Tantivus Hatchling Male Arkenian Tantivus AdultArkenian Tantivus Adult Male
Voro Manticores Voro Manticores Egg Voro Manticores Hatchling MaleVoro Manticores Hatchling Female Voro Manticores Adult MaleVoro Manticores Adult Female
Hyperborean Astacus Dragon Hyperborean Astacus Dragon Egg Hyperborean Astacus Dragon Hatchling Hyperborean Astacus Dragon Adult
Meridian Astacus Dragon Meridian Astacus Dragon Egg Meridian Astacus Dragon Hatchling Meridian Astacus Dragon Adult
Vescatur Vescatur egg Vescatur hatch Vescatur
Alasre Nekomata Alasre Nekomata egg Alasre Nekomata hatch mAlasre Nekomata hatch f Alasre Nekomata mAlasre Nekomata f
Synara Nekomata Synara Nekomata egg Synara Nekomata hatch mSynara Nekomata hatch f Synara Nekomata mSynara Nekomata f
Stelera Eagle Stelera Eagle egg Stelera Eagle hatch Stelera Eagle
Light Vanx Light Vanx egg Light Vanx hatch mLight Vanx hatch f Light Vanx mLight Vanx f
Dark Vanx Dark Vanx egg Dark Vanx hatch mDark Vanx hatch f Dark Vanx mDark Vanx f
Cardoon Cardoon egg Cardoon hatch Cardoon

Special Creatures

Each of the following creatures are special. These are rare, limited creatures, usually obtained during an event. Some of them are breedable, some are not.

"Retired" means that those creatures are only obtainable from other players.

"Seasonal" are ones that are only released at the certain times of the year-but at the same time every year.

You can also look for special creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult
Voltarian Alphyn Voltarianalphynegg Voltarianalphynhatchling Voltarianalphynadult


Decessusegg DeaddecessusDecessushatchie Decessusadult
Coal Wyrm


Coalwyrmegg Coalwyrmhatchie Coalwyrmadult
Tinsel Wyrm


Tinselwyrmegg Tinselwyrmhatchling Tinselwyrmadult
Bell White Elk


Whiteelkegg Bellwhiteelkhatchie BellwhiteelkmaleadultBellwhiteelkfemaleadult
Chain White Elk


Whiteelkegg Chainedwhiteelkhatchie ChainedwhiteelkmaleadultChainedwhiteelkfemaleadult


Arkaiegg ArkaimalehatchieArkaifemalehatchie ArkaimaleadultArkaifemaleadult
Keep Spider


None None KSA
Pale Arkai


AEgg2011 AHatch2011AHatchFemale AAdultAAdultFemale
Olive, Brown and Silver Amagnae


Oblivion Pillagebeast


Oblivion Pillagebeast Egg None None
Angora Jackalope


Jackalope Angora Jackalope Angora Female HatchJackalope Angora Male Hatch Jackalope Angora FemaleJackalope Angora Male
Antelope Hare Jackalope


Jackalope Antelope Hare Jackalope Antelope Hare Female HatchJackalope Antelope Hare Male Hatch Jackalope Antelope Hare FemaleJackalope Antelope Hare Male
Cacao Jackalope


Jackalope Cacao Egg Jackalope Cacao Female HatchCacao Male Hatch Cacao FemaleCacao Male
Snow Shoe Jackalope


Snow Shoe Egg Snow Shoe Female Hatch
Snow Shoe Male Hatch
Snow Shoe FemaleSnow Shoe Male
'Blue Crystalwing


Blue Crystalwing Egg Blue Crystalwing Hatchie Blue Crystalwing
Green Ornamental Penguin


White Ornamental Penguin


Blue Pygmy Phoenix


(Blue) Pygmy Phoenix Egg (Blue) Pygmy Phoenix Hatchling None
Green Pygmy Phoenix


(Green) Pygmy Phoenix Egg (Green) Pygmy Phoenix Hatchling None
Purple Pygmy Phoenix


(Purple) Pygmy Phoenix Egg (Purple) Pygmy Phoenix Hatchling None
Lavender Pygmy Phoenix


(Purple) Pygmy Phoenix Egg (Grey) Pygmy Phoenix Hatchling None
Tan Pygmy Phoenix


(Pink) Pygmy Phoenix Egg (Tan) Pygmy Phoenixes (Hatchling) None
Peach Pygmy Phoenix


(Pink) Pygmy Phoenix Egg (Peach) Pygmy Phoenixes Hatchling None
Yellow Pygmy Phoenix


(Pink) Pygmy Phoenix Egg (Yellow) Pygmy Phoenixes Hatchling None
Golden Pteira Crystalwing


GoldGBCW Egg GoldGBCW Female HatchGoldGBCW Male Hatch GoldGBCW FemaleGoldGBCW Male
Purple Pteira Crystalwing


PurpleGBCW Egg PurpleGBCW Female HatchPurpleGBCW Male Hatch PurpleGBCW FemalePurpleGBCW Male
White Aculeus


White Aculeus Egg White Aculeus Hatchling White Aculeus Adult
Golden Aculeus


GoldenAculeusEgg GoldenAcukeusHatch GoldenAculeusAdult
Chocolate Xocomel


Chocolate Xocomel Egg Chocolate Xocomel Hatchling Chocolate Xocomel Adult
Caramel Xocomel


Caramel Xocomel Egg Caramel Xocomel Hatchling Caramel Xocomel Adult
White Holly Jackalope


White Holly Jackalope Egg White Holly Jackalope Hatchling White Holly Jackalope Adult
Black Holly Jackalope


Black Holly Jackalope Egg Black Holly Jackalope Hatchling

Black Holly Jackalope Adult

Frigaes Reindeer


Frigaes Reindeer Egg Frigaes Reindeer Hatchling FemaleFrigaes Reindeer Hatchling Male Frigaes Reindeer Adult FemaleFrigaes Reindeer Adult Male
Umber Arkai


Arkai Egg 2012 Arkai Hatchling Female 2012Arkai Hatchling Male 2012 Arkai Adult Female 2012Arkai Adult Male 2012
Lucinis Bird


A Lucinis-Bird-Hatch LucinisBirdMLucinisBirdF
Snow Dragon


Snowball Snow Dragon Hatchling Snow Dragon
Pekin Duckit


1acf935335f600af5abf51a802aafaa166738054 37efa5633d9541f183c21f49dcab9ea3af337fca F96ced676ea1eb52382b98449de60a34564861581e75f7e0521659ba3620f3e842e0290eae5babad
Chinchilla Duckit


YellowDuckitegg 37efa5633d9541f183c21f49dcab9ea3af337fca 574c794b99384a3b532ab6d451fe0d4a2c4c4c5418751803cd2cd1fd3fdbe1b10cf789b343720b7e
Lop Duckit


09981496fed7031655fda61728313fcb67f6d34d 6fe936b6f20c0b6e7e9a5f843da2854dc1038e1fRedDuckitFH Ab526ecc487c8c284a59fa6c5bf10baf706cde6039dc32608b786ada4dff776d6aed46faf99f4da5
Rex Duckit


8dee34fbcd567cf5caddf75333ad3fbb61ebbb2f RedDuckitFH Ecd89edc692c4e825128f3277db338f554dc72e7Bb578ad70f70959050807dbcd3a7e679ce166ef5
Dutch Duckit


Dc74146781404583b98c1f561800966fbaf3fe4f 6e829323f9a19034e9c5282aed683e6194525ce7 7273b06405cf889d96c575103a36c4708d5c7446Ac637962a1162a4547adbbde48dd905929030a73
Mallard Duckit


9673eda2620d270857a0b24023b10b6fce4420bd 6bddcfe886e7aa118053b677c1a398dad8fb7661 C22104d9fbf5ba30959a778d2b6b8a97531c6859B8ce1238718bbf13fa93915bbbd821a391ea6fe1
Saerulis Crystalwing


Saerulis Crystalwing Egg Saerulis Crystalwing Hatchling Saerulis Crystalwing Adult
Golden Sonerus Dragon


Golden Sonerus Dragon Egg Golden Sonerus Dragon Hatchling Golden Sonerus Dragon Adult
Bronze Sonerus Dragon


Bronze Sonerus Dragon Egg Bronze Sonerus Dragon Hatchling Bronze Sonerus Dragon Adult

Retired(possibly seasonal)

Mohrioregg1Mohrioregg2Mohrioregg3Mohrioregg4 Mohriorhatch1Mohriorhatch2Mohriorhatch3Mohriorhatch4 Mohrior1Mohrior2Mohrior3Mohrior4
Cibeus Crab


CibeusCrabegg CibeusCrabhatch CibeusCrab
Prasinis Wyrm


Praisinis egg Praisinis hatchling Praisinis
Red Taedan Gryphon


Red taedan gryphon egg Red taedan gryphon hatchling Red taedan gryphon adult
Green Taedan Gryphon


Green taedan gryphon egg Green taedan gryphon hatchling Green taedan gryphon adult
Silver Krysos


Silver egg Silver krysos hatchling SilverKrysos
Golden Krysos


Gold egg Gold krysos hatchling Gold krysos adult
Red Krysos


Red egg Red krysos hatchling Red krysos adult
Purple Krysos


Purplr egg Purple krysos hatchling Purple krysos adult
Blue Krysos


Blue egg Blue krysos hatchling Blue krysos adult
Green Krysos


Green egg Green krysos hatchling Green krysos adult
Fire Arkai


Arkai Egg 2013 Arkai Hatchling Female 2013Arkai Hatchling Male 2013 Arkai Adult Female 2013Arkai Adult Male 2013
Dismot (Brown)


Dismot Egg Dismot Hatchling Brown MaleDismot Hatchling Brown Female Dismot Adult Brown Male Set 1Dismot Adult Brown Female Set 1Dismot Adult Brown Male Set 2Dismot Adult Brown Female Set 2Dismot Adult Brown Male Set 3Dismot Adult Brown Female Set 3
Dismot (Gray)


Dismot Egg Dismot Hatchling Dark Brown Gray MaleDismot Hatchling Dark Brown Gray Female Dismot Hatchling Dark Brown Gray Male Set 1Dismot Hatchling Dark Brown Gray Female Set 1Dismot Hatchling Dark Brown Gray Male Set 2Dismot Hatchling Dark Brown Gray Female Set 2Dismot Hatchling Dark Brown Gray Male Set 3Dismot Hatchling Dark Brown Gray Female Set 3

Pet Rock Retired

none none Pet rock
Calidaes Reindeer


Calidaes Reindeer Egg Calidaes Reindeer Hatchling FemaleCalidaes Reindeer Hatchling Male Calidaes Reindeer Adult FemaleCalidaes Reindeer Adult Male
Sarvain (Black) BlackSarvainegg BlackSarvainhatch Sarvain Black
Mohlaris Elephant (Pink) Pinkelephantegg Pinkelephanthatch Mohlaris Elephant Pink
Viridis Crab (Chocolate) Chococrabegg Chococrabhatch Viridis Crab Chocolate


Cootie Egg Cootie Hatchling Cootie Adult
Wikken Cat


Wikken cat egg Wikken Cat Hatchling FemaleWikken Cat Hatchling Male Wikken Cat Adult FemaleWikken Cat Adult Male
Rotting Cukurba


Rotting cukurba egg Rotting cukurba hatch Rotting cukurba
Chocolate Viyasant


Chocolate viyasant egg Chocolate viyasant hatch fChocolate viyasant hatch m Chocolate viyasant f Chocolate viyasant m
Domestic Amagnae


Domestic amagnae egg Domestic amagnae h fDomestic amagnae h m Domestic amagnae fDomestic amagnae m
Wreath Confara Pegasus


Wreath Confara Pegasus Egg Wreath Confara Pegasus Hatchling Wreath Confara Pegasus Adult
Sleighbell Confara Pegasus


Sleighbell Confara Pegasus Egg Sleighbell Confara Pegasus Hatchling Sleighbell Confara Pegasus Adult
Savis Mouse


Savis mouse egg Savis mouse hatch Savis mouse
Striped Arkai


Striped arkai egg Striped arkai hatch fStriped arkai hatch m Striped arkai fStriped arkai m
Plush Kraken


none none Plush Kraken Adult
Black Rose Imp


BlackRoseImpegg BlackRoseImphatch Black Rose Imp Adult
Gold Horned Narwhal


Gold Horned Narwhal Egg Gold Horned Narwhal Hatchling FemaleGold Horned Narwhal Hatchling Male Gold Horned Narwhal Adult FemaleGold Horned Narwhal Adult Male
Caramel Gryphon


Caramel Gryphon Egg Caramel Gryphon Hatchling FemaleCaramel Gryphon Hatchling Male Caramel Gryphon Adult FemaleCaramel Gryphon Adult Male
Swirled Winged Cat


Swirled Winged Cat Egg Swirled Winged Cat Hatchling Swirled Winged Cat Adult
Medeor Jackalopes


Medeor Jackalopes egg Medeor Jackalopes hatch mMedeor Jackalopes hatch f Medeor Jackalopes mMedeor Jackalopes f
Flos Jackalopes


Flos Jackalopes egg Flos Jackalopes hatch mFlos Jackalopes hatch f Flos Jackalopes mFlos Jackalopes f
Aetus Jacklopes


Aetus Jackalopes egg Aetus Jackalopes hatch Aetus Jackalopes mAetus Jackalopes f
Kursim Jackalopes


Kursim Jackalopes egg Kursim Jackalopes hatch mKursim Jackalopes hatch f Kursim Jackalopes mKursim Jackalopes f
Light Lapis Crystalwing


Light Lapis Crystalwing egg Light Lapis Crystalwing hatch Light Lapis Crystalwing
Dark Lapis Crystalwing


Dark Lapis Crystalwing egg Dark Lapis Crystalwing hatch Dark Lapis Crystalwing
Clostra Crystalwing


Clostra Crystalwing egg Clostra Crystalwing hatch mClostra Crystalwing hatch f Clostra Crystalwing mClostra Crystalwing f

Pond Creatures

These creatures are only obtainable by throwing gold in the Koi Pond. It is based on luck which creature you will get.

You can also look for pond-born creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult
Amethyst Koi Koi Egg Koi Koinew1
Ruby Koi White Koi Egg White Koi Hatchling White Koi Adlt
Dragon Koi DragonKoiEgg DragonKoiHatchling DragonKoi
Goldfish Goldfish Egg Goldfish Hatchling Goldfish Adlt
Charaen CharaenEgg CharaenHatchling CharaenAdult
Fabari Fabari egg Fabari hatchling Fabari adult femaleFabari adult male


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