This is a master list of all creatures on Magistream. New creatures are always being released, so if you find one missing, or some information is missing, feel free to add it. You can also look at a Quicklist which is updated faster and where creatures are listed by their number. 

Bred Creatures

Each of the following creatures can only be obtained by breeding other creatures. Some creatures are more willing to make babies than others, so be patient and keep trying.

You can also look for bred creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult
Fire Gryphon


Firegryphhatchling Firegryphadult
Ice Gryphon Icegryphegg Icegryphonhatchling Icegryphonadult
Ocean Leviathan Oceanleviegg Oceanlevihatchling Oceanlevi
Albino Dire Wolf


Albinopup Albinoadult




Hippogryph Hippogryphegg Hippogryphhatchling Hippogryphadult
Solar Hippogryph Solaregg Solarhatchling Solaradult
Lunar Hippogryph Lunaregg Lunarhatchling Lunaradult
Tidal Capricorn Tidalegg Tidalhatchling Tidaladult
Amethyst Capricorn Amethystegg Amethysthatxhling Amethystadult
Meridian Capricorn Meridianegg Meridianhatchling Meridianadult
Hallow Capricorn Hallowegg Hallowhatchling Hallowadult
Ruby Capricorn Rubycapriegg Rubycaprihatchy Rubicapriadult
Green Crystalwing Green Crystalwing Egg Green Crystalwing Hatch Green Cristalwing
Bronze Crystalwing Bronze Crystalwing Egg Bronze Crystalwing Hatch Bronze Crystalwing
Pinto Pegasus Pinto egg Pinto hatch Pinto adult
Golden Pearl Wyrm


GoldF-HGoldM-H GoldF-AGoldM-A
Tevera Enox TEE TEH TEA
Albino Nandi Bear ANBE ANBH ANBA
Ice Kraken Ice Kraken Egg Ice Kraken Hatchling Ice Kraken Adult
Yellow Farir Fariregg Yellow Farir Hatchling Yellow Farir Adult
Golden Farir Fariregg Gold Farir Hatchling Gold Farir Adult
Orange Farir Fariregg Orange Farir Hatchling Orange Farir Adult
Spotted Holly Jackalope Spotted Holly Jackalope Egg Spotted Holly Jackalope Hatchling Spotted Holly Jackalope Adult
White Cervinus Deer WhiteDeerEgg WhiteDeerHatchling WhiteDeerMWhiteDeerF
Piebald Cervinus Deer Aad859da53025a453043ba07e40e68dc0cc17bb4 Dc387c1a57f74c79410b1d5996cf5b51c4bd46d6 D3dbb7a454558e9709462afc77e87b9d74a41ca6PiebaldDeerF
Black Cervinus Deer BlackDeerEgg BlackDeerHatchling BlackDeerMBlackDeerF
Fog Vevex Ray FVR FogRayHatch FogRayAdult
Direcore DirecoreEgg DirecoreMaleHatchlingDirecoreFemaleHatchling DirecoreMaleAdultDirecoreFemaleAdult
Pygmy Gemdragon Pygmy crystalwing egg 1Pygmy crystalwing egg 2Pygmy crystalwing egg 3Pygmy crystalwing egg 4Pygmy crystalwing egg 5Pygmy crystalwing egg 6 Pygmy crystalwing hatchf 1Pygmy crystalwing hatchf 1Pygmy crystalwing hatchf 2Pygmy crystalwing hatchm 2Pygmy crystalwing hatch 3Pygmy crystalwing hatch 4Pygmy crystalwing hatch 5Pygmy crystalwing hatch 6 Pygmy crystalwing adultf 1Pygmy crystalwing adultm 1Pygmy crystalwing adultf 2Pygmy crystalwing adultm 2Pygmy crystalwing adult 3Pygmy crystalwing adult 4Pygmy crystalwing adult 5Pygmy crystalwing adult 6
Pygmy Crystalwing Pygmy crystalwing egg 7Pygmy crystalwing egg 8Pygmy crystalwing egg 9Pygmy crystalwing egg 10Pygmy crystalwing egg 11Pygmy crystalwing egg 12 Pygmy crystalwing hatchf 7Pygmy crystalwing hatchm 7Pygmy crystalwing hatchf 8Pygmy crystalwing hatchm 8Pygmy crystalwing hatch 9Pygmy crystalwing hatch 10Pygmy crystalwing hatch 11Pygmy crystalwing hatch 12 Pygmy crystalwing adultf 7Pygmy crystalwing adultm 7Pygmy crystalwing adultf 8Pygmy crystalwing adultm 8Pygmy crystalwing adult 9Pygmy crystalwing adult 10Pygmy crystalwing adult 11Pygmy crystalwing adult 12
Desert Rekantum Desert recantum egg Desert recantum hatch fDesert recantum hatch m Desert recantum adult fDesert recantum adult m
Silt Leviathan Silt Leviathan Egg Silt Leviathan Hatchling Silt Leviathan Adult
Reef Leviathan Reef Leviathan Egg

Reef Leviathan Hatchling

Reef Leviathan Adult
Atoll Leviathan

Atoll Leviathan Egg

Atoll Leviathan Hatchling Atoll Leviathan Adult
Pearlen Wasp Pearlen Wasp egg

Pearlen Wasp hatch

Pearlen Wasp MPearlen Wasp F
Opaline Synaran Aericorn

Opaline Synaran Aericorn egg

Opaline Synaran Aericorn hatch fOpaline Synaran Aericorn hatch m Opaline Synaran Aericorn fOpaline Synaran Aericorn m
White Cukurba Cukurba egg White cukurba hatch White cukurba
Golden Arkenian Goose Golden Arkenian Goose egg Golden Arkenian Goose hatch Golden Arkenian Goose
Armastus Agaori Armastus egg Armastus Agaori hatchling Armastus Agaori adult
Dragoste Agaori Dragoste Agaori egg Dragoste Agaori hatchling Dragoste Agaori
Cinta Agaori Cinta Agaori egg Cinta Agaori hatchling Cinta Agaori
Cockatrice Cockatrice egg Cockatrice hatchling Cockatrice mCockatrice f
Dark Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon Dark Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon egg Dark Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon hatchling Dark Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon
Light Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon Light Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon egg Light Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon egg-0 Light Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon
Clostra Pygmy Gemdragon Clostra Pygmy Gemdragon egg Clostra Pygmy Gemdragon hatch mClostra Pygmy Gemdragon hatch f Clostra Pygmy Gemdragon mClostra Pygmy Gemdragon f
Dark Lapis Pygmy Crystalwing Dark Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon egg Dark Lapis Pygmy Crystalwing hatch Dark Lapis Pygmy Crystalwing
Light Lapis Pygmy Crystalwing Light Lapis Pygmy Gemdragon egg Light Lapis Pygmy Crystalwing hatch Light Lapis Pygmy Crystalwing
Clostra Pygmy Crystalwing Clostra Pygmy Gemdragon egg Clostra Pygmy Crystalwing hatch mClostra Pygmy Crystalwing hatch f Clostra Pygmy Crystalwing mClostra Pygmy Crystalwing f

Shop Born Creatures

Each of the following creatures can be found in either Remy's Inn, Trading Post, Dark Shop, Water shop or Herbalist Shop. The Trading Post specifically has eggs from the northern areas such as Arkene. Creatures in the Dark Shop are only available to those who are part of the Dark Brotherhood, those in the Water Shop are only for those who are part of the Society of the Trident and creatures in the Herbalist Shop are only available for those in the Herbalist Guild.

You can also look for shop-born creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult Shop
Ice Phoenix


Icephoenixhatchling Icephoenixadult Trading Post
Dire Wolf Direwolfegg Direwolfpup Direwolfadult Remy's Inn
Storm Leviathan


Stormlevihatchling Stormleviadult Remy's Inn
Light Narwhal Shopnarwhalegg ShopnarwhalmalehatchlingShopnarwhalfemalehatchling ShopnarwhalmaleadultShopnarwhalfemaleadult Trading Post



Chupaadult Remy's Inn
Arkenian Kitsune Arkkitsuneegg Arkkitsunehatchling Arkkitsuneadult Trading Post


Rochatchie Rocadult Remy's Inn
Silvian Alphyn Silvianalphynegg Silvianalphynhatchling Silvianalphynadult Remy's Inn
Niveus Enox


Niveusenoxhatchling Niveusenoxadult Remy's Inn
Noctis Enox Noctisenoxegg Noctisenoxhatchling Noctisenoxadult Remy's Inn
Tenera Dog


Teneradoghatchling Teneradogadult Remy's Inn
Ebbene Shark EbenneSharkEgg EbenneSharkHatchFemale Ebbene Shark Adult FemaleEbbene Shark Adult Male Dark Shop
Elephant Snail


ElephantSnailHatch ElephantSnailAdult Remy's Inn
Cehual Boar Cehual Boar Egg Cehual Boar Hatchie Cehual Boar Adult Dark Shop
Ice Octopus


Hatchlingasas Adultocto Trading Post
Southern Alasre Alpaca SAAE SAAH SAAA Remy's Inn
Western Alasre Alpaca


WAAH Westalpacamalehatch WestAlpacafemaleadultWAAA Remy's Inn
Delroch DE DH DA Dark Shop
Sunset Talvar T egg T hatchling 2

T adult 1T adult 2

Remy's Inn
Vosmari Vosmari Egg Vosmari Hatchling Vosmari Adult Remy's Inn
Donec Fish Donec Fish Egg Donec Fish Hatchling

Donec Fish Adult

Remy's Inn
Dugong DugongEgg DugongHatch DugongAdult Water Shop
Snow Vevex Ray FVR SnowRayhatch


Trading Post
White Tundra Tylluan WhiteTundraTylluanEgg WhiteTundraTylluanHatch


Trading Post
Black Tundra Tylluan BlackTundraTylluanEgg BlackTundraTylluanHatch


Dark Shop
Raiti Seal RaitiSealEgg RaitiSealHatch RaitiSealMRaitiSealF Water Shop
Praluven Seal PraluvenSealEgg PraluvenSealHatchling PraluvenSealAdult Water Shop
Birdwing Lunestre Dragon LunestreDragonEggGreen LunestreDragonHatchlingGreen LunestreDragonAdultGreen Remy's Inn
Jaktus Dragon Jaktus Dragon Egg Jaktus Dragon Hatchling Jaktus Dragon Adult Remy's Inn
Alpine Yale Black Yale Egg

Black Yale Hatchling

Black Yale Adult Remy's Inn
Saevym SaevymEgg SaevymHatch Saevym Herbalist Shop
Silvian Serpaen Alphyrm-silvan-egg Alphyrm-silvan-hatch Alphyrm-silvan Herbalist Shop
Etainian Serpaen Serpaen-etain-egg Serpaen-etain-hatch Serpaen-etain Remy's Inn
Arcanum Serpaen Arcanum-serpaen-egg Arcanum-serpaen-hatchling Arcanum-serpaen Dark Shop
Pine Nulorn Pineegg Pinehatchling PineMPineF Herbalist Shop
Calidim Calidimsegg Calidimshatch Calidims Herbalist Shop
Arkenian Sunbeast ArkenianSunbeastegg ArkenianSunbeasthatch ArkenianSunbeast Trading Post
Dark Serendin

Dark Serendin Egg

Dark Serendin Hatchling Male

Dark Serendin Hatchling Female

Dark Serendin Adult MaleDark Serendin Adult Female Dark Shop
Earth Serendin Earth Serendin Egg Earth Serendin Hatchling MaleEarth Serendin Hatchling Female Earth Serendin Adult MaleEarth Serendin Adult Female Herbalist Shop
Water Serendin Water Serendin Egg Water Serendin Hatchling MaleWater Serendin Hatchling Female Water Serendin Adult MaleWater Serendin Adult Female Water Shop
Ahuizotl Ahuizotlegg Ahuizotlhatch Ahuizotladult Water Shop
Volcanic Seahorse Volcanic Seahorse egg Volcanic Seahorse Hatchling F

Volcanic Seahorse Adult F

Dark Shop
Abyssal Seahorse Abyssal Seahorse Egg Abyssal Seahorse Hatchling Abyssal Seahorse Adult Water Shop
Tarax Tarax Egg Tarax Hatchling Tarax Adult Herbalist Shop
Vetus Vetus Vetus hatch mVetus hatch f Vetus mVetus f Trading Post
Cariad Agaori Cariad agaori egg Cariad Agaori Hatchling Cariad Agaori Adult Remy's Inn
Rakkaus Agaori Rakkaus agaori egg Rakkaus Agaori Hatchling Rakkaus Agaori Adult Trading Post
Numbul Numbul egg Numbul hatch Numbul mNumbul f Herbalist Shop
Celestial Sea Star Celestial Sea Star egg Celestial Sea Star hatch Celestial Sea Star Water Shop
Labradorite Synaran Aericorn Labradorite Synaran Aericorn egg Labradorite Synaran Aericorn hatch fLabradorite Synaran Aericorn hatch m Labradorite Synaran Aericorn fLabradorite Synaran Aericorn m Remy's Inn
Chocolate Earwig Chocolate Earwig egg Chocolate Earwig hatch Chocolate Earwig FChocolate Earwig M Remy's Inn

Stream Born Creatures

Each of the following creatures can be found in the Stream . They are the most common and easy to acquire creatures. 

You can also look for stream-born creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult
Koi 1561930 1550216 4a4c3b7045a6a26ac9904d10197015264c6bdf45
Phoenix Phoenix egg Phoenixhatchie Phoenixadult
Kraken Krakenegg Krakenhatchie Krakenadult
Sand Gryphon Gryphonegg Browngryphhatchie Browngryphon
Gold Gryphon Gryphonegg Browngryphhatchie Yellowgryphon
Ash Gryphon Gryphonegg Greygryphhatchie Greygryphon
Onyx Gryphon Gryphonegg Greygryphhatchie Blackgryphon
Pegasus Pegasusegg Pegasushatchie Pegasusadult
Dark Pegasus Darkpegasusegg Darkpegasushatchie Darkpegasusadult
Ibex 3982a9a0b5cd4412f1701bcc5f95299e2fce81e6 82fb72a7883851543d5c18be38dc5c819f6401ec 6f4833e1874245931752f25070f2947e1b7a28f4
Tropical Leviathan Oceanleviegg Tropicalhatchie Tropicaladult
Forest Leviathan Oceanleviegg Foresthatchie Forestadult
Trench Leviathan Oceanleviegg Trenchhatchie Trenchadult
Dark Narwhal Narwhalegg NarwhalmalehatchieNarwhalfemalehatchie NarhwalmaleNarwhalfemale
Manticore Manticoreegg Manticorehatchie Manticoreadult
White Winged Cat Whitecategg Whitecaghatchie Whitecatadult
Black Winged Cat Blackwingedcategg Blackcathatchie Blackcatadult
Puvia Puviaegg Puviahatchie Puviaadult
Kelp Hippocampus Greenhippoegg Greenhippohatchie Greenhippoadult
Coral Hippocampus Purplehippoegg Purplehippohatchie Purplehippoadult
Trench Hippocampus Bluehippoegg Bluehippohatchie Bluehippoadult
Kitsune Kitsuneegg Kitsunehatchie Kitsuneadult
Abeoth Frog Abeoth Frog Egg Abeoth Frog Hatchling Abeoth Frog
Telvian Panther Pantheregg Pantherhatchling Pantheradult
Etainian Alphyn Etainianalphynegg Etainianalphynhatchling Etainianalphynadult
Savannah Alphyn Savannahalphynegg Savannahalphynhatchling Savannahalphynadult
Xand Bear Xandbearegg Xandbearhatchling Xandbearadult
Baku Bakuegg Bakuhatchling Bakuadult
Anaugi Anaugiegg Anaugihatchling Anaugiadult
Farir Fariregg Farirhatchling Fariradult
Axolotl Axolotl egg Axolotl hatchling Axolotl
Lakiran Platypus Platypusegg PlatypushatchfemalePlatypushatchmale PlatypusadultfemalePlatypusadultmale
Brontotherium Brontotherium Egg Brontotherium Hatchling Brontotherium Adult
Mist Stalker MistStalkerEgg Mist Stalker Hatchling Mist Stalker Adult
Nandi Bear Nandibearegg NandiBearbaby Nandibearadult
Black Pearl Wyrm 85921206aff254d5223fef155a65e5dc9f49e0da BlackF-HBlackM-H BlackF-ABlackM-A
Copper Pearl Wyrm E5c013fb791aaca3bedaf5d919b10e0d93f3dc1f CopperF-HCopperM-H CopperF-ACopperM-A
Grey Pearl Wyrm Af204c32d18ca21144c5fa9b183155c66c3008ab F-HM-H F-AM-A
Dark Minicorn MiniDarkEgg MiniDarkHatchie MiniDarkAdult
Light Minicorn MiniLightEgg MiniLightHatchie MiniLightAdult
Tropical Tarsier TTE TTH TTAFTTA
Sacred Scarab SSE SSH SSA
Northern Raza Cobra



GRCA animation
Southern Raza Cobra



BRCA animation
Sarvain SE SH SA
Ashevor AE AH AA
Hummingbirds Fb9635849a4d83b2c8bdfab4dab49272dbe89f5c 55a0daed18711fbdae50f8734619d25a451086537f89a3fea89f338af078d0edf12023d7d8e2723c F64b838afa4365cbf758f61b9ba3483b07a7957e5fe051885dde99fc49eb2fd75198a5756f777cbd
Red Vasant Beetle VBE VBHR VBAR
Green Vasant Beetle VBE VBHG VBAG
Ariessa Ariessa Egg Female Ariessa HatchlingMale Ariessa Hatchling Female Ariessa AdultMale Ariessa Adult
Sunrise Talvar T egg T hatchling T adult 3T adult
Amphista Amphista egg Amphista hatch Amphista adult
Viridis Crab Viridis Crab Egg Viridis Crab Hatchling Viridis Crab Adult
Chlorophyte Dragon Turtle Dragon Turtle Egg Green Dragon Turtle Hatchling Green Dragon Turtle Adult
Phaeophyte Dragon Turtle Dragon Turtle Egg Light Brown Dragon Turtle Hatchling Light Brown Dragon Turtle Adult
Rhodophyte Dragon Turtle Dragon Turtle Egg Brown Dragon Turtle Hatchling Brown Dragon Turtle Adult
Ziraafa ZiraafaEgg ZiraffaHatchling ZiraffaAdult
Caeralis Caeralis Egg Caeralis Hatchling Caeralis Adult
Moss Snail Moss Snail Egg Moss Snail Hatchling Moss Snail Adult
Ankylocroc Ankylocroc Egg Ankylocroc Hatchling Ankylocroc Adult
Cervinus Deer Cervinus Deer Egg Cervinus Deer Hatchling Cervinus Deer Adult FemaleCervinus Deer Adult Male
Sun Vevex Ray StVR SunRayHatch SunRayAdult
Storm Vevex Ray StVR StormRayHatch StormRayAdult
Paervem SkunkEgg SkunkHatch SkunkMSkunkF
Taijitu Beetle TaijituBeetleEgg TaijituBeetleMHTaijituBeetleFH TaijituBeetleadult-maleTaijituBeetleadult-Female
Korez Seal KorezSealEgg KorezSealHatchling KorezSealMaleAdultKorezSealFemaleAdult
Monarch Lunestre Dragon LunestreDragonEggOrange LunestreDragonHatchlingOrange LunestreDragonAdultOrange
 Swallowtail Dragon LunestreDragonEggYellow LunestreDragonHatchlingYellow LunestreDragonAdultYellow
Green Torveus Dragon Green Torveus Dragon Egg Green Torveus Dragon Hatchling Green Torveus Dragon Adult
Gold Torveus Dragon Yellow Torveus Dragon Egg Yellow Torveus Dragon Hatchling Yellow Torveus Dragon Adult
Mountain Yale Silver Yale Egg Silver Yale Hatchling Silver Yale Adult
Hill Yale Gold Yale Egg Gold Yale Hatchling Gold Yale Adult
Jareen Vitriums JareenVitriumsEgg JareenVitriumsHatch JareenVitriums
Sayos Vitriums SayosVitriumsEgg SayosVitriums 9cae03cae77d9d9f12d501f1ed9704946f3e95fc
Brown Avrael AvraelEgg AvraelHatchBrown AvraelBrown
Red Avrael AvraelEgg AvraelHatchRed AvraelRed
Mohlaris Elephant MohlarisElephantegg MohlarisElephanthatchie MohlarisElephant
Sapphire Kordaetis Elephant KordaetisElephantEggblue KordaetisElephanthatchieblue KordaetisElephantblue
Ruby Kordaetis Elephant KordaetisElephanteggred KordaetisElephanthatchiered KordaetisElephantred
Savannah Serpaen Serpaen-savannah-egg Serpaen-savannah-hatch Serpaen-savannah
Kaetus Catfish egg Catfish hatch Catfish adult
Daycrawler Daycrawleregg DaycrawlerhatchlingmDaycrawlerhatchlingf DaycrawleradultmDaycrawleradultf
Nightcrawler Nightcrawleregg NightcrawlerhatchlingfemaleNightcrawlerhatchlingmale NightcrawleradultfemaleNightcrawleradultmale
Razan Orchid Plantegg Planthatchling Plantadult
Nulorn Nulornegg Nulornhatchie NulornMNulornF
Xisitak Xisitakegg XisitakhatchfXisitakhatchm XisitakfemaleXisitakmale
Tenabre Fox TenadreFoxegg TenadreFoxhatch TenabreFoxadult
Cestoda Cestodaegg Cestodahatch Cestoda
Osath Osathegg OsathhatchfOsathhatchm OsathfOsathm
Coati CoatiEgg CoatihatchfCoatihatchm CoatifCoatim
Purple Celestial Butterfly Purple celestial egg Purple celestial hatchling Purple celestial butterfly
Green Celestial Butterfly Green celestial egg Green celestial hatchling Green Celestial Butterfly Adult
Blue Celestial Butterfly

Blue celestial egg

Blue celestial hatchling

Blue Celestial Butterfly Adult
Carithas Fish Carithas Fish Egg Carithas Fish Hatchling MaleCarithas Fish Hatchling Female Carithas Fish Adult MaleCarithas Fish Adult Female
Lion, Leopard, White Lion and White Leopard Ammit

Ammit egg 1Ammit egg 2Ammit egg 3Ammit egg 4

Ammit hatchling 1 femaleAmmit hatchling 1 maleAmmit hatchling 2 femaleAmmit hatchling 2 male Ammit hatchling 3 femaleAmmit hatchling 3 maleAmmit hatchling 4 femaleAmmit hatchling 4 male

Ammit female 1Ammit male 1Ammit female 2Ammit male 2

Ammit female 3Ammit male 3Ammit female 4Ammit male 4

Ruby Somniant Ruby somniant egg Ruby somniant hatchling Ruby somniant maleRuby somniant fem
Sapphire Somniant

Sapphire somniant egg

Sapphire somniant hatchling

Sapphire somniantSapphire somniant female
Onrosus Onrosus Egg Onrosus Hatchling Onrosus Adult FemaleOnrosus Adult Male
Forest Rekantum

Forest Rekantum Egg

Forest Rekantum Hatchling Female

Forest Rekantum Hatchling Male

Forest Rekantum Adult FemaleForest Rekantum Adult Male
Mountain Rekantum Mountain Rekantum Egg Mountain Rekantum Hatchling FemaleMountain Rekantum Hatchling Male Mountain Rekantum Adult FemaleMountain Rekantum Adult Male
Reef Seahorse

Reef Seahorse Egg

Reef Seahorse Hatchling

Reef Seahorse Adult
Trench Seahorse Trench Seahorse Egg Trench Seahorse Hatchling Trench Seahorse Adult

Aselis Egg

Aselis Hatchling MaleAselis Hatchling Female

Aselis Adult MaleAselis Adult Female
Cukurba Cukurba egg Cukurba hatch Cukurba
Topo Wyrm Topo Wyrm Egg Topo Wyrm Hatchling Topo Wyrm Adult
Liefde Agaori Liefde agaori egg Liefde Agaori Hatchling Liefde Agaori Adult
Laska Agaori Laska agaori egg Laska Agaori Hatchling Laska Agaori Adult
Wind Hydra Wind Hydra egg Wind Hydra hatch mWind Hydra hatch f Wind Hydra mWind Hydra f
Storm Hydra Storm Hydra egg Storm Hydra hatch mStorm Hydra hatch f Storm Hydra mStorm Hydra f
Balance Hydra Balance Hydra egg Balance Hydra hatch mBalance Hydra hatch f Balance Hydra mBalance Hydra f
Fire Hydra Fire Hydra egg Fire Hydra hatch mFire Hydra hatch f Fire Hydra mFire Hydra f
Water Hydra Water Hydra egg Water Hydra hatch mWater Hydra hatch f Water Hydra mWater Hydra f
Feather Drake Feather Drake egg Feather Drake hatch Feather Drake
Capellin Capellin egg Capellin hatch Capellin MCapellin F
Malachite Synaran Aericorn Malachite Synaran Aericorn egg Malachite Synaran Aericorn hatch fMalachite Synaran Aericorn hatch m Malachite Synaran Aericorn fMalachite Synaran Aericorn m
Corax Raven Corax Raven egg Corax Raven hatch Corax Raven
Yatagarasu Raven Yatagarasu Raven egg Yatagarasu Raven hatch Yatagarasu Raven
Silvan Otter Silvan Otter egg Silvan Otter hatch Silvan Otter
Osqual egg
Osqual hatchling Osqual

Quest Born Creatures

Each of the following creatures can be obtained through different quests. Some quest-born creatures are considered more as Allies than pets.

You can also look for quest-born creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult
Emerald Wyvern Emeraldwyvernegg Emeraldwyvernhacthie EmeraldwyvernAdult
Etainian Quetzalcoatl Etainianquetzalcoatlegg Etainianquetzalcoatlhatchling Etainianquetzalcoatladult
Nareaun Quetzalcoatl Nareaunegg Nareaunhatchling Nareaunquetzalcoatladult
Raza Quetzalcoatl Razaquetzalcoatlegg Razaquetzalcoatlhatchie Razaquetzalcoatladult
Rewin Dragon Rewinegg Rewinhatchie Rewinadult
Naga Ally None None Nagaally
Hellhound Hellhound egg Hellhound pup Hellhound

Rewin Ancient

Rewinegg Rewinhatchie New Rewin
Yellow Rose Imp YRIE YRIH YRIA
Mermaid None None MA
Centaur None None B8e33ef010dca1248822970e4a97d0de85b305a2949f72fbbc6438fc5c57b50cdbd65b256163d000
Icist D7321105a80290fc3f1adfcd9739c86a5071cf08 1eed9b50afb6b201a5b6b0b92a837b1c51720d69 73c2a0c4a6250ea21b6724d5aedb5698786c5e5c
Sunweaver Namista's Spider YNPE YNPH YNPA
Shadowspinner Namista's Spider BNSE BNSH BNSA
Black Lycanthrope none none Black lycanthrope
Brown Lycanthrope none none Brown lycanthrope
Aurora Whale Aurora Whale egg Aurora Whale hatch Aurora Whale
Theia Alvean Wasp Theia Alvean Wasp egg Theia Alvean Wasp hatch Theia Alvean Wasp MTheia Alvean Wasp F
Triathe Alvean Wasp Triathe Alvean Wasp egg Triathe Alvean Wasp hatch Triathe Alvean Wasp MTriathe Alvean Wasp F
Candle Ayoti Candle Ayoti egg Candle Ayoti hatch Candle Ayoti
King Foenaran Nimbii King Foenaran Nimbii egg King Foenaran Nimbii hatch fKing Foenaran Nimbii hatch m King Foenaran Nimbii fKing Foenaran Nimbii m
Serf Fortis Beetle Serf Fortis Beetle egg Serf Fortis Beetle hatch mSerf Fortis Beetle hatch f Serf Fortis Beetle mSerf Fortis Beetle f
Imperial Fortis Beetle Imperial Fortis Beetle egg Imperial Fortis Beetle hatch mImperial Fortis Beetle hatch f Imperial Fortis Beetle mImperial Fortis Beetle f
Foenaran Nimbii Foenaran Nimbii egg Foenaran Nimbii hatch Foenaran Nimbii 4

Donation Creatures

Each of the following creatures can be initially purchased in a Donation Shop. More information about these creatures, you can find on this page. You can also look for donation creatures on their category page.

Creature Egg Hatchling Adult
Golden Elder Crystalwing Crystalwinggoldegg Crystalwinggoldhatchie Crystalwinggoldadult
Purple Elder Crystalwing Crystalwingegg Crystalwinghatchie Crystalwingadult
Dark Unicorn Darkunicornegg Darkunicornhatchie Darkunicornadult
Light Unicorn Lightunicornegg Lightunicornhatchie Lightunicornadult
Void Dragon Voiddragonegg Voiddragonhatchie Voiddragonadult
Celestial Dragon Celestialdragonegg Celestialdragonhatchie Celestialdragonadult
Temple Cat Templecategg Templecathatchie Templecatadult
Dark Basilisk Darkbasiliskegg Darkbasiliskhatchie Darkbasiliskadult
Light Basilisk Lightbasiliskegg Lightbasiliskhatchie Lightbasiliskadult
Cobalt Wyvern Cobaltwyvernegg Cobaltwyvernhatchie Cobaltwyvernadult
Autumn Kirin Autumnkirinegg Autumnkirinhatchie Autumnkirinadult