First Easter Event on Magistream was taking place in 2010. During this event usually only new eggs are released. Creatures are connected with spring and bringing new life. Every year is released only one type of creature, but in a few species.


Four different Jackolopes released


Seven Pygmy Phoenixes released. These creatures are unique, because they never reach adulthood.


Release of six Duckits


Six different Dismots released


Four different Jackalopes released


Two new creatures released. One of them (Vernox Dragon) was able to breed with Dismots (past easter creatures) to produce Cockatrice egg.


Two new creatures released.


Five new creatures released, new drink at Remy's Inn and an egg fight.

All of them in the Stream.

Egg Fight
Ribboned Egg Ribboned Eggs could be bought in Remy's Inn. Playeres could throw them to others. Hitting others and being hit by eggs could result in obtaining a Pygmy Phoenix.

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