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Traversing a mountain, you glimpse a fleeting shape. Advancing slowly, so as not to startle it, you see a creature much like a mountain goat. The only differences are the size; it is clearly more muscled than any goat, and boasts beautiful curving horns that could be deadly. It watches you approach with suspicious eyes, then decides you are no threat and continues munching on the sweet grass it has found.



A single tiny horn spirals out from this shell, curving around the egg.



This small ibex is extremely agile, and you constantly lose sight of it. Scouting around, though, you soon find it picking its way up a large hill or exploring a small, rocky mountain. It plays most of the time, charging into trees, sharpening its spiraling horns and butting almost any inanimate object. It loves treats, be it grass or lettuce. Having exhausted itself, it lies down next to the foals and nods off.



Adult ibexes are not to be taken lightly. With large, curled horns, ibexes are not slow to attack and can cause heavy damage on any enemy. On any journey in the mountains, ibexes are good companions to take along; they maneuver well on rocks, and enjoy eating the tough grass that grows there. When not traveling, ibexes enjoy mock fighting with each other and hunting for grassy treats.

Additional Information

  • No. 18
  • Obtained from the Stream
  • Released: June 2009
  • Artist: BettyxMe
  • Breeding:
6f4833e1874245931752f25070f2947e1b7a28f4 X 6f4833e1874245931752f25070f2947e1b7a28f4 = 6f4833e1874245931752f25070f2947e1b7a28f4
6f4833e1874245931752f25070f2947e1b7a28f4 X ManticoreadultManticore = ChimeramaleChimera
6f4833e1874245931752f25070f2947e1b7a28f4 X ChimeramaleChimera = ChimeramaleChimera 6f4833e1874245931752f25070f2947e1b7a28f4
6f4833e1874245931752f25070f2947e1b7a28f4 X 4a4c3b7045a6a26ac9904d10197015264c6bdf45Koi = TidaladultTidal Capricorn AmethystadultAmethyst Capricorn MeridianadultMeridian Capricorn HallowadultHallow Capricorn

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