The predecessor of this page was edited by a troll, so this page was created. The goal is relatively the same, to discuss on how the look of MagiWiki will appear. A general thought of it will appear on this page, while it's discussed on the talk page. Seeing on how this Wiki is aimed at being open it's only fair that everyone gets their share in it.

Current thought

The aim for the look to appear something like this:

Welcome to Magi[Stream]Wiki

Recent News

-Some news will appear here-


-Links to several different creatures will appear here
as well as images to help guide users-

I'm not sure what should go here.

I was thinking of exchanging the "Welcome to Magi[Stream] Wiki" with an image, just to make it stand out a little more. I was also thinking of adding some elements of the game (e.g. About shops, the world, etc.) in the second, and keeping the first box with just creatures and news about the site (yes that's kind of selfish, I know). In the "Navigation" section of the first box I was thinking of using creature images for guiding new creatures. I think it'd also make it a little more attractive than just text right now.

Tell me what you think in the talk page.