Remy Remy's Inn is one of the shops found in MagiStream. It currently sells eighteen creatures, along with a drink that changes depending on the season and the Spell of Cloaking.

Shop Text

The finest ale in the land, as well as rare creatures from across the world.

Hey, traveler! Welcome to Remy's inn. That's me, Remy. I've been running this little shack since the takeover of Synara. Sit down, have some ale. My beds are the softest you've felt in your whole darn life, and the only ones available out here!
Sometimes I find strange eggs in the forest. Real rare specimens, y'know? Ain't seen anything like them before. If you were to make a pretty enough offer, I might be willing to part with one.

Merchandise - Eggs

Egg Name Price
ElephantSnailEgg Elephant Snail Gold 1,250
Silvianalphynegg Francis the Apple Gold 1,337
Direwolfegg DirewolfGold 1,500
Maraegian Stromeri egg Maraegian StromeriGold 1,912
Rocegg RocGold 2,150
T egg Sunset Talvar Gold 2,400
Cariad agaori egg Cariad Agaori Gold 2,500
Donec Fish Egg Donec FishGold 3,500
Stormleviegg Storm Leviathan Gold 4,200
Chocolate Earwig egg Chocolate EarwigGold 5000
Vosmari Egg VosmariGold 5.200
Chupaegg Chupacabra Gold 5,300
SAAE Southern Alasre Alpaca Gold 5,500
Labradorite Synaran Aericorn egg Labradorite Synaran AericornGold 6,300
Niveusenoxegg Niveus Enox Gold 6,400
WAAE Western Alasre AlpacaGold 6,600
Teneradogegg Tenera DogGold 8,100
Serpaen-etain-egg Etainian SerpaenGold 8,500
LunestreDragonEggGreen Birdwing Lunestre Dragon Gold 9,000
Jaktus Dragon Egg Jaktus DragonGold 10,000

Seasonal Drink

Please see Remy's Drinks for former drinks, their effects and prices.

Beer Stein Horn

Slightly bitter amber colored liquid pours down your throat and leaves a whisper of white froth on your upper lip.


  • Your posts are altered to make it appear as if you are typing drunk.
  • Colorful leaves and snowflakes start falling from the top of the screen

Additional Information

  • Cost: Gold 117
  • Available: November 2017

Remy's Special Brew

Remy's Special Brew is a drink available at Remy's Inn. This drink is permanent, not replaced seasonally.

Remy's Special Brew

Remy looks at you somewhat reproachfully as he serves you the steaming hot cup of coffee. Something in it tastes a little different than Remy's normal brew and somehow it seems to make your vision clearer and your step steadier. Huh, go figure.


  • All drunken effects are removed.

Additional Information

  • Cost: 200 Gold


Currently, only one non-drink non-pet item is available at Remy's Inn.

  • SpellofCloaking Spell of Cloaking for 75,000 Gold
    • This item allows users to hide tabs-excluding the main one-from being viewed and keeps the creatures within from growing.

Retired Creatures

Aside from the permenant, year-round creatures found in Remy's, it had also played host to some seasonal/event creatures.

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