Temple Cat

You watch as a beautiful cat slowly strolls around a corner. A desire to pet it overcomes you, and you follow it - only to see nothing. When you turn around, it is directly behind you, its posture dripping dignity. Temple cats are noble and magical creatures, slender and agile, practically impossible to catch. These felines have been around for eons, watching and learning from magic doers, and over the centuries power has leaked into them. Seldom seen unless they choose, temple cats scrutinize magis and sometimes aid them in their work.



A graceful tail has escaped this shell.



This adorable kitten is a pale cream, but over the days its slowly darkening. Its fur is fine and very short, blending in well with sand. You've never seen a graceful hatchling before, but this little cat has a long, fine-boned look, a result of generations of specialized breeding. A very long, thin tail is usually all to be seen of it, as this kitten threads its way through grass or explores under furniture. Enjoying play, it mock fights and cannot resist a dangling string. More than one magi's cloak has been attacked. This feline has an uncanny way of disappearing and showing up where least expected, almost as if it's eavesdropping.



Descended from the sacred Etainian maus, temple cats are noted for their magical qualities. Intelligent and curious, they love sneaking wherever they're not supposed to be, and are almost impossible to catch. This cat is the color of Etainian sand, warm tan with spots of golden brown. Charcoal rimmed, almond shaped eyes watch everything from the temple cat's concealed location. They enjoy warm temperatures and are known to nap in the sun or in front of a fire. These royal felines are highly intelligent and almost always busy exploring, but don't mind finding a warm lap to lie in.


Available for Shard 3
Temple Cat
X Templecatadult
Temple Cat
= Templecatadult
Temple Cat

Additional Information

  • No. 28
  • Obtained from the Donation Shop for Shard 2 (July 15 - August 14, 2009)
  • Released: July 15, 2009
  • Sprites: Niwer
  • Description: Damien
  • Side art: Glasswalker
  • Origins: This creature is based on a Sphynx breed of cat and the general idea of cats worshipped in ancient Egypt.
  • Trivia:
    • This was the first mid-month donation pet offered, and, along with the Golden and Purple Elder Crystalwing, Dark and Light Unicorn, is among the most highly sought-after donation pets.
    • At the beginning the descripton mentioned Egypt, but later it was changed into "Etain" to fit the Magistream world:
Descended from the sacred Egyptian maus
the color of Egyptian sand

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