First Harvest Festival (Thanksgiving back then) Event was taking place in 2010. This is just a small event, with a few creatures released. Every year wild Amagnaes flood the Stream.



The same as year earlier.


One new creature added to old Amagnaes.


New Amagnae added.Users could participate in a contest. 


November Contest - Blue Ribbon Birds
On November 21st, Tristan announced a new contest . Participants had to post the weight of their Domestic Amagnae and the owner of the heaviest one was the winner. 

  • Grand Prize (Shard 8) - Utena
  • Second Prize (Shard 5) - Layna
  • Third Prize (Shard 3) - Sitamun


New Amagnae added.Users could participate in a contest.

November Contest: Turkatrice Toxicity
On November 20th, a new contest was announced. Participants had to post the toxicity of their Otrovian Amagnae. There was a reward in two categories - the strongest and the weakest poison.


Wild Amagnaes appeared in the Stream again and two new Amagnaes were added.


As always wild Amagnes flooded the Stream. New quest showed up.

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