Icicle The Trading Post is one of the shops found in MagiStream.

Shop Text

Find exotic creatures here, brought from the frigid lands of Arkene.

Please enter, fellow magi! Let me pour you a drink or two. I am Klara, and I come from cold Arkene. Save yourself a weary trip to frigid lands, and purchase your creatures from my sanctuary. I offer the finest of beasts, which I collect myself.
It can be quite dangerous up there - if the cold doesn't claim you, the beasts might. Have a seat, I offer many drinks to warm your throat.


Egg Name Price
Vetus Vetus Gold 1,000
Narwhalegg Light Narwhal Gold 2,600
Arkkitsuneegg Arkenian Kitsune Gold 2,700
Constellation Hind egg Constellation Hind Gold 3,550
Eggocto Ice Octopus Gold 4,353
Icephoenixegg Ice Phoenix Gold 6,000
Asesina Orcae eggAsesina OrcaeGold 7,777
WhiteTundraTylluanEgg White Tundra Tylluan Gold 8,700
ArkenianSunbeastegg Arkenian Sunbeast Gold 9,300
FVR Snow Vevex Ray Gold 11,000

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