Valentine's Day is celebration of love so creatures released during this event are resembling love and feelings. First Valentine's Day Event on Magistream was taking place in 2010. During this event only new creatures are released. Most of them are pink.





For the first time there were more than one new egg released. In fact, there were 5 new creatures. The recolors originally had the same colored egg as their original version, but were later updated.

2014 Valentines badge

The event started at February 11th with the arrival of Valentine's Caravan. Also there were Valentine's Gifting event and Valentine's badge for the first time.

During the event 9 new creatures were released. 5 of them were recolored versions of older sprites, that came in their adult form (later recolored eggs and hatchling were added). Another 4 were released later that day (2 stream-born and 2 shop-born). What's more, recolored eggs and hatchling were added to valentine's 2013 creatures (Sarvain, elephant and crab).

The gifting event opened on February 11th. Users were sending candies from Valentine's Caravan to each other. Sending one candy resulted in getting Valentine's badge.

  • Candies
    • Plushie Starfish with a Heart Plushie Starfish with a Heart Gold 250
      • "Kraken Blue - One Size Fits All - Apply Directly To Forehead"
    • Dark Fudge with a Candied Black Rose Dark Fudge with a Candied Black Rose Gold 500
      • "There's a small black candied rose on this treat."
    • Lemon Saltwater Taffy Lemon Saltwater Taffy Gold 750
      • "By opening this candy you surrender all rights to sue Narwhal Candies Inc over any magical effects it may, or may not, have."
    • Caramel Nut Cluster Caramel Nut Cluster Gold 1,000
      • "As delicious as it looks, for some reason it smells like fresh Gryphon treats."
    • Swirled Milk and White Chocolate Treat Swirled Milk and White Chocolate Treat Gold 2,000
      • "WARNING: Keep away from children, adults, cats, wings, cats with wings, and ancient sacrificial altars."

Valentine's Caravan
Appeared on the site for the first time. It was selling 5 different types of candy. Once the gifting event was closed, users could "feed" their pets with candies in order to transform them into new recolored versions.

2015 Ilubadge

During the event 5 new creatures were released. Additionally users could obtain a Badge by buying a new drink - Passion Punch in Remy's Inn.


2016 Valentine2016

Two new creatures released, one permanent and one limited. In Remy's Inn appeared a new drink - Berry Blush, granting a user with Box of Chocolates. Using this item on a creature resulted in getting a new badge.




Three new creatures released. Two of them permanent.


Two new creatures released. Both of them limited, but breedable. In Remy's Inn new drink was served - Heartthrob Drink,