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You've been traveling for days, traversing mountains that seem to grow larger with each passing day. The farther a magi explores, the rarer the species he is likely to encounter. You would have given up this adventure long ago if it weren't for this knowledge. Nearing the top of one particularly steep slope, you catch a fleeting glimpse of an ebony tail slithering around a corner. With soft feet you approach, catching a glimpse of a legendary draconian retreating into a cave.



A darkly scaled tail and wing decorate this unusual shell.



Beautifully scaled, this hatchling watches you with deep intelligence and knowledge. Oversized wings lay close along its back, promising flight. Growing with each day that passes, this small dragon consumes more than any other hatchling. Pale scales are constantly being grown out of and replaced as this youngling matures. A magi with a new reptilian hatchling may find themselves missing valuables or shiny objects; these missing items can be found in a young dragon's growing nest, as these draconian younglings love any shiny, bright jewelry.



If you travel far from The Keep, you will find the darkest hills and mountains spotted with fresh-made caves. These caves contain dragon hoards, and it is best to step lightly near the treasures, for they are heavily guarded. Dragons are extremely protective of their collections, and with mouths large enough to swallow a man whole, its prudent not to provoke them. Massive beings, dragons never cease growing, the most ancient dragons being the largest. Dragons possess powerful magical properties, and love helping their masters learn.


Available for Shard 3
Void Dragon
X Voiddragonadult
Void Dragon
= Voiddragonadult
Void Dragon
Void Dragon
X Celestialdragonadult
Celestial Dragon
= Voiddragonadult
Void Dragon
Celestial Dragon

Additional Information

  • No. 25
  • Obtained from Donation Shop for Shard 5 (July 2009)
  • Released: July 2009
  • Artists: BettyxMe and Rijolt
  • When the Dragons were initially released, they had some anatomical oddities and lacked much in the way of shading and so appeared monochromatic and flat. Rijolt (with Tristan's permission) altered them slightly, making them the beautiful sprites you see now.

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