This page attempts to outline what needs to be done with the Wiki, including pages that need to be created, what needs to be improved, and so on.


  • Most individual creature pages
    • Most stream-born
    • All breed-only
    • All quest creatures
    • Most special creatures (except White Elks)
    • Done! ~Dark Puck
  • Trading System
    • Done! -ShenziSixaxis
  • Breeding
    • By the time anyone reads this, Done! -ShenziSixaxis
  • Creature Page Standards
    • Not that important
  • Categories for assortment
  • See what
  • Off-Sites (Goldmine)
  • Upedated Bred Only page ~Hatsan

Creature Specific

  • Arkai
    • Egg and hatchling descriptions
  • Voltorian Alphyn
    • Same as Arkai
  • Also done! ~Dark Puck
  • The Green and White Ornatmental Penguins.
    • Need a creature page/pages and to be added to theCreature list page.(I swear they were here, but not any more).
  • Done~! Both of them have their own pages and are also in the Creature List. ~ BlackPearl77
  • Goldfish
  • Also done! ~Hatsan
  • kelpies-new doni creature Done! ~ BlackPearl77

Needs Improvement

  • Quest Walkthroughs
    • Quest 5 answers
  • I believe I've answered all Quest 5 issues, and the current walkthroughs of all 6 quests are up-to-date. Will remember to save quest-text for upcoming quests. ~Rozeluxe
  • Quest 11 How to Proceed, Tasks and Additional Notes don't have information. Would be great if someone has it ;) ~ BlackPearl77 Did most of it, still missing quest text author, not sure what to put for Additional notes. Also, is there a reason we are keeping completed tasks on this page? Clearing away the stuff that's already done might make this page cleaner. -sweetsnowday.
  • Added the following Quest Text: An Anonymous Note, In Search of Monsters and A Vision of Danger. Text information are most welcome! ~ BlackPearl77
  • Duplicate pages! Dark Brotherhood and The Dark Brotherhood. Should be consolidated into one -sweetsnowday


  • Discussion of the Next Look for the wiki
    • Doesn't really matter right now, though it's a nice thing
  • Advertisement
  • Side bar
    • What else can be there?
  • Perhaps someone could make a master list of prices creatures usually go for? And/or include the price(s) on the creature page(s)? I'd be more than happy to pitch in. -ShenziSixaxis
  • ^ While I agree there should be something like this, it can vary amongst person to person, especially regarding retired donation pets, sentimental values included and whatnot... It'd also need to be updated fairly frequently. ~Rozeluxe
  • ^ It can vary, but I pay so much attention to the MD it's not funny, so there's also no issue of updating it often. -Shenzi
  • ^ Created the page Creature Prices, didn't have time to edit it though.
  • ^ I updated everything and added the prices for the ones that don't have prices. - KallenTu
  • On many creature pages, especially older ones like the Valcerian Dragon, it says 'one of 20 with different male/female sprites' While that may have been true at one point, there are 55 creatures with dimorphism on the site now.
  • Perhaps a page that contains all of the available side art (ex. Koi, Unicorn, Pegasus). ~TheTreeTurtle